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Tip – leveraging YouTube

We all know, or think we know, all about YouTube! It is one of the most viewed sites in the world.

However, beyond all of the funny skits, pranks and football bloopers, there are quite a few individuals and companies leveraging it to grow their business and get their message out – with little effort and zero cost (but, for your valuable time).

Although it might not make sense for everyone, think of using YouTube for the following:

  • New product launch – Announcing a new product you are ready to launch.
  • Brief training – how to use your product, how you can help, share little helpful tips.
  • Share user stories – video snippets from customers of how your product or service helped them.
  • Explaining change – if your organization is going through a big change, taking the time to talk to customers through video messages.

Now, YouTube can be linked or embedded in most blog sites, on Facebook, parts of LinkedIn and other social collaboration and networking tools.

Here’s a few examples below – some large organizations, some small and some barely starting to use YouTube.




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