Vincent Musaalo grew up in Uganda – in a time of drought, poverty and a quest for daily survival. He excelled in school and received a scholarship to get vocational training in Italy and then went on to go to college in the United States graduating with an MBA from Brigham Young University.

Thumbnail of the book Through Some Miracle not yet clear to me

Vincent’s Book

When I met Vincent he was in his undergraduate program and he was always finding new things to sell and build small businesses. He even sent money home to his mother in Uganda for her to buy little chicks which in turn grew and laid eggs providing her household with income.

Vincent just wrote a book which you can check out on Amazon at

This weekend I’ll have a chance to interview Vincent and so stay tuned for more. Plus, he’s also starting up a little side venture that he’ll want you to take a look at and provide feedback on ….so stay tuned!

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