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RWL logoWhat motivated you to start your own business? I started my business with virtually no experience or knowledge of training.  I started working with people who have disabilities and wanted to use assistive technology to access computer technology.

There were no user friendly manuals or instructions for the products so I started creating my own.  I found that I had to address quite a few different people, their needs and their learning styles. Through trial and error I learned a lot about what makes people learn and what motivates them to transfer that learning in meaningful ways in their lives.  I ended up going back to school to validate what I already learned through hands on activities and real life experience.  I came to realize how learning can transform people’s lives.  It proved to be a rewarding experience that I wanted to continue developing in my life.
When did you start your business?  1994

When did you realize you had a talent/interest in your particular area? I started to realize that I had a talent for creating meaningful learning experiences when I became a premiere partner with a voice recognition technology provider and they started seeking out my services for the majority of their big clients.

Check out Cheryl’s portfolio
Do you do this full-time or part-time? I currently work full time but am working my way toward early retirement in the next five years.
What lessons have you learned along the way? What would you tell someone just starting out?I would encourage people to learn to work hard to change the paradigms that currently exist around learning.  We are in a transitional period and those who really understand what motivates, inspires and helps people learn will be rewarded with transformational experiences that make a difference in the world we live in.

How do you market your business? Networking

Can we come back and interview you again in a few months to find out what “next steps” you’ve taken in your business adventures?  Sure

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