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Summer on the truck

Primary Website: professional elearning development, communication graphics, presentations, web design/dev)

Additional Website: (for decorative painting – murals and faux finishing)

Notes from Kim

 I’ve started and stopped multiple businesses over the past 10 years.  Why did I keep stopping? Two primary, but related, reasons:

  • Kids – I have kids…no time for work, building my skills, attending industry events (and no money to attend for that matter)
  •  Time and Money – As an entrepreneur, unless you have some sort of stockpile of money that you can pull from, it’s very difficult to start/maintain the business unless you have a full-time job.  But there-in lies the “catch”…because you have a full-time job, you have little to no time to invest in your businesses.

For now (since I have a full-time job), I take on projects that I know I can handle in a weekend or in the evenings from home. For now, it will have to do…

What motivated you to start your own business? Being my own boss/setting my own schedule/flexibility between work and family… outlet for my creativity (keeps me more “grounded”)

When did you first start your own business? My first business was in fashion design (in 1997)…didn’t make enough money; too much time and overhead.  My second business was in web design/development (2002), called “OKAYwebs”.  Third business was in decorative painting  (2004).  Last, with Kim Jolly (2009)..


What motivated you to start your own business, or in your case, multiple businesses? When I realized how quickly I was able to learn and then execute a finished product…coupled with all the positive feedback and encouragement I received…not just from friends and family, but from those in the actual profession(s).  Seemed “natural” (corny, I know)

Do you do this full or part-time? Part-time for now…would love to do any of my businesses full time.  Timing seems to be everything

Any lessons learned that you’d like to share? Practice, learn as much as you can, network, don’t underestimate word-of-mouth…don’t let you baby crawl around your computer while you’re working (mine just pushed the Power button and I had to restart this email…HA!).  When you’re first starting out…you may want to consider doing some things for “free” to build your portfolio quickly and get the “word-of-mouth” going.  Also, in the beginning, have “Promotions” as incentives to potential customers.  Get your website up and business cards done as quickly as possible…keep your cards ON HAND AT ALL TIMES…you may never know who you’ll run into in the grocery store.

How do you market your business?  Through my website (utilizing SEO), business cards (hand-in-hand), portfolio, networking, word of mouth. I used to do some direct mail pieces…too costly and old-school – email marketing is better.  If your work isn’t conducive to a “portfolio” have some sort of Customer/Client package that you can give to the customer – brochure(s), fliers, info about your business, testimonials, etc…

Can we talk to you in a few months to find out where you are at? Progress? I’m open for interviewing…I don’t know what I can share as I seriously doubt I will have done much work within my businesses anytime soon.

 Thanks for this opportunity!!

See some of the murals Kim has designed and painted here.

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