Villager Anthony – Who Goes there?

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Check out samples of book covers Anthony has designed!

Book: Who Goes There? Who Goes There book cover

For all those sci-fi fans out there, Anthony Rotolo (designer, publisher, podcaster, sci-fi fan) found a book that was out of print, researched how to get the rights to re-publish it and used his design and publishing skills to bring it back to life.

Anthony is a production manager for the Department of Defense by day and works on publishing projects on the side. His version of the “Who Goes There?” novel is offered in both paperback and an audio version through and He generates purchases through these websites, RocketRide Books and through word of mouth. In other words, through no additional effort on his own.

We’ll hear from Anthony again because he also has another skillset – expertise in design across web and print media.

Take  look at the trailer he created for the book on YouTube as well as the links to his sites. You’ll get some great ideas about leveraging online tools and may even want to read the book!

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