Book Review – Through Some Miracle Not Yet Clear to Me

One of our villagers, Vincent Musaalo, wrote a book about his years growing up in Uganda. We highlighted him at Nudge Village over a week ago. Check out his highlight later! Book cover of Through Some Miracle Not Yet Clear to Me

Since we are trying to experience as many of the products/services we can from villagers, we bought the book!

Wow! Our Chief Nudger, Rebecca, knew Vincent in college and was surprised by many of the stories. Yes, she knew that his father had died, but not that he had been murdered by people working for the Idi Amid regime. Yes, she knew that life was hard, but didn’t know that every Ugandan had to suspect even close friends of turning them in if their own lives were threatened.

Vincent shares quite a few interesting experiences in this book – being part of a crowd that was gunned down by Idi Amid soliders, working early mornings in the fields to grow food before going to school, and miraculously being spared from being taken away with other boys his age to a squad of soliders forcing prior captives to randomly identify people to carry away/kill.

Mixed into his story are all of the miraculous events that occured along the way – spotting the Italian Embassy on the way home from doing laundry at the hotel and where that led him, opportunities his hard working mother prayed for that led Vincent out of his country village and to the United States, and being spared after collapsing on a street in Rome after a long journey.

We all have a life story, but not sure if it compares to the experiences Vincent shared in his book. Still, we should all write ours down.

But, in the meantime, take the time to read this book (a two hour read) and you’ll gain a greater understanding of what was happening in Uganda in the 1960s and 70s, how opportunities and faith are still alive even under a dictatorship, and an immense sense of gratitude for freedom and personal miracles.

Book is available on Amazon.

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