Customer Needs

a personal touch

The other day, I ordered a very small item from one of the Nudge Village entrepreneurs – Shirley’s Swirleys. The purchase was under $10.

Take a look – some simple crocheted flowers that are intended to be a part of a headband set (that I haven’t yet purchased).

But, they came with a surprise treat! Two Dove chocolates!

Not only did I receive what I paid for, but also a surprise extra.


Are you doing things to surprise your customers on a daily basis?


Adding that special personal touch they weren’t expecting?


Giving them more than they asked for?

Do you think I’ll buy again from Shirley’s Swirleys?

I think so.That personal touch made my day and I will remember it and tell others (like in this blog).s the Dove chocolate likes to add their own personal touches as well. Check out the little notes in the wrapper submitted by customers.

Nice touch.

Take a look at their website to see how they’ve turned this personal touch into a bigger idea.

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