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What motivated you to start Breakthru Learning Solutions, LLC? I started Breakthru Learning Solutions, LLC because I desired more flexibility and greater control over my finances. I was determine to start my own business after realizing an employer was billing me out at 5 times my compensation. A few years after that decision, the business was established.


When did you start your business? 1996

Break Thru Learning

When did you realize you had a talent/interest in your particular area? In 2003, I found out about, and eventually enrolled in, a graduate program for instructional technology. Although I had a technical background, I was always drawn to education. I was very excited to find a program that combined education and technology.

Do you do this full-time or part-time? I’m currently working PT. With additional assignments, I plan to work FT.

What lessons have you learned along the way? Building your business takes constant effort. Don’t become complacent with your present clientele.

How do you market your business? Any particular ideas that worked best for you? Networking works. I would like to step up efforts in Marketing.

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  1. December 28, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    I worked with Danalyn a few years ago in the e-learning arena and she designs and develops effective learning solutions with an eye toward providing more creative solutions than the client expected. Great work and glad to have her here on Nudge Village!



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