Leveraging YouTube – examples

A few weeks ago, we posted this entry about leveraging YouTube.

Take a look at what some of the people on Nudge Village are doing to leverage YouTube. It is a great way to convey brief messages and ideas to your target audience …and other stray people wandering around the web.

Each use a slightly different approach, but all can be effective.

Use Yourself – Kim uses it to promote 7 Principles of Alignment. Notice her body language, choice of background, storytelling, hair, make-up and brief presentation that is perfect for her target audience (stay at home moms wanting to start businesses, mothers already trying to balance work and home responsibilities, etc.)

You and the green screen – Setema uses a green screen in the background which then enables you to select whatever background you’d like (white, scenery, etc.). He is energetic, standing up, and conversational – perfect for someone that is a motivational speaker. (Note: Type “how to use a green screen” into Google and thousands of sites will come up with great information)

Use images and animation– Anthony uses video to promote a book. Notice that in this case he doesn’t say anything or show his face to convey a message to his target audience – die hard sci-fi fans.

Get (or create) an Interview – Bret gets interviewed by a tv station, but until you are at the point of getting asked for interviews, set up your own! Get a friend to interview you while you explain and show your product.

Let the camera roll–  We used video yesterday to announce our Linchpin book winner in an informal way with paper, a few undisclosed people, and an informal narration from the Chief Nudger.

Write a story, convey it with stick people and paper – Another approach that has gained popularity in the past few years is the Common Craft approach to presenting information through video. It might look familiar to the flannel board stories back in the 1970s – basic paper cut-outs.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity. This type of presentation takes a lot of time and money, but is an excellent way to convey difficult concepts simply. (FYI – we’ll be highlighting a company that offers similar custom videos to Common Craft soon!)

They wouldn’t let me embed it, but here’s an example from their site –

Create one today!

Try it out. Just do something simple. It doesn’t need to be perfect and you will improve the more you try it and look at other examples on the web.

Need Help?

If you need help, send us an email at or post a request in the “Help Wanted” section on our site. We’ll make sure another villager extends a helpful hand.

Oh, and let us know when you make a video so we can share it with others here and give you feedback.

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  1. I was challenged by my business coach to do 21 videos in 21 days. It's been an interesting journey as I have gotten over some of my hang ups about being on camera. Now I focus on the content and not how I look! The important thing is to ship it!


  2. Heidi – completely agree! Content is key and I totally forgot that in the post, but will make a separate one as well – because now "context" is key too.Hoping to highlight you, your blog and your companies soon! (-:Thanks for your comments!Rebecca


  3. Something to keep in mind as you consider leveraging YouTube and videos in general is that many people browsing the Web use assistive devices like screen readers. Others are behind firewalls or simply don't like having to watch videos to get information. If you post a transcript along with your video, everyone can see your content.


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