Michael Fath – guitarist, author, martial artistBook cover of Reflections of Darkness and Light

Main Website: http://www.michaelfath.com

Michael Fath is a serial entrepreneur, or better yet, a serial creative. He’s made his fame and fortune in the world of guitar playing and teaching martial arts, but he now shares the beautiful thoughts of his mind through a new novel and poetry.

New novel on Amazon: The Girls of Yesterday

Book of poems on Amazon: Reflections of Darkness and Light:What are the books about? “The Girls of Yesterday” is a testimonial, in general, to women’s intuition, intelligence; and, in particular, the “Southern coming of age” story of a brother and sister’s shared and profound love for each other growing up.

Jesse, the main character, headed to college in the deeper south to play basketball, feels great separation anxiety from Loretta, his one year younger sibling who all through their life exhibited physical, mental and even spiritual skills beyond the norm. Their love is unique in that Jesse always looks to Loretta for intuitive guidance, while she never fails to acknowledge her older brother’s gifted sense of right and wrong.
Another important theme in “Girls” is the development of an endearing friendship with Jesse and Jess, a multi-talented young black football sensation, that brings to their relationship his racial perspective of growing up in the rural south, as opposed to Jesse’s more sheltered childhood, and together they formulate maybe the very best of educations possible; that of two intense souls being truthful while loving each other.
These themes play constantly; with laughter, sorrow, horror, tragedy, and romance found in abundance, and infused throughout with this story’s main and other very colorful characters, finishing with an integrated and surprise conclusion!

“Reflections of Darkness and Light” is novelist Michael André Fath’s debut volume of verse. These 51 poems transcend the gamut of human emotion and experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual, and sometimes everything, wrapped into a single offering. The splendor of daughters, our Chesapeake Bay’s sheer majesty, the sublime brilliance of sport and luminosity of music, etc., are included themes giving way to those feelings of grandeur; with even the devoted care of one’s 1950’s Chevrolet, and the intoxicating visual seduction of a simple sundress!

Yet to counterbalance while being faithful to the more somber and tragic aspects of life, entries also portray the loneliness of being a single father, sibling and parent loss, fall from grace, a beloved pet’s transition, a Marine Vietnam veteran’s catharsis and much more.

These will hopefully, at the very least, entice reflection and appreciation of surviving life’s numerous and many times seemingly insurmountable and impossible challenges.

Michael is now working on his second novel – “The Village Squires – Tales of Mayhem and Revenge.”

Welcome to Nudge Village Michael!

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