Need innovative ideas? –

There is so much information out there on the Internet that you’d think we’d all know where to go for great ideas.

But, there are so many resources it can be overwhelming.

Here’s just one – – which has thousands of video talks about innovation, ideas and even “jaw dropping” concepts. (At least that is one of the rating options they give to their readers)

Their tagline is “ideas worth spreading.” And, they are right.

Many people pay around $10,000 just to attend their conference each year and around $1,000 just to have access to the videos from the conferences each year. The ideas are that important. Yet, many of the videos are free on their site.

Once a month (or more) it is worth taking an hour or two and just browsing videos on

You’ll see what is coming. It may spur another idea for your business. You may find something to share with an innovator you know.

Do you know of any other sites we should check regularly? Please share with us and we’ll post it here.

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