A few weeks ago we posted a Nudge about storytelling here at Nudge Village. Check it out here as a reference.

We like to practice what we preach…even if it takes us a while to do so. And, even if the story is really short.

We fished around a bit and found out that our first Nudge Villager – Danielle from Schuh Photography – had a bit of a story.

So, we copied the format we had shared in our daily nudge. Here’s what we copied from and then we’ll show you what we did!

And, here’s what we created!

It took about an hour to put it together, create a Slideshare account and post it here!

We’ll continue to post more stories as you tell us what you are learning.

Do you have stories about your business? How you got started? A story about how your product or service works in the lives of your customers?

Think about it a bit. Bet you’ll find you have a few too.


Please share it with us! We’d love to post it here too!

Posted by nudgestrategist

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