Marketing – your story through video

We love stories here at Nudge Village and here’s a great story about Danielle …by Danielle.

What about you? – Could  your idea, book, or business benefit from a little video?

 In the case of a photographer, we think the answer is “Yes.” When offering services like photography, the service provider and customer interaction is extremely important. Why not give customers an idea of your personality, your interests and your approach through video instead of the typical paragraphs of information? If the possible customer approaches you AFTER seeing it, you know that they have already decided that you are someone that they think they want to work with – a warm lead!

We will soon be following Danielle’s example too!

This is just one great example that we were excited to share from the village.

Plus, she has a really cool big shoe at the end of the video – which matches her logo!

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