Passion – how do you know you have it?

“Passion” is a big buzz word right now. “Follow your passion” and “find your life purpose” are phrases we hear all over the Internet.

So, have you found yours? What does it feel like?

This photographer – David Jay – has found his and talks about it in this brief little video.


YouTube Channel:


David makes a few really good points. Here’s what we pulled from his thoughts:

  • You know you are passionate when you can stay up all night working on something and you aren’t tired.
  • Spend time figuring out what you don’t like to do – he didn’t like preparing and so he’s hired an assistant to help take on that task so he can focus on what he loves.
  • Share your insights with others – as you learn about what does and doesn’t work for you – share it! Other people are trying to pursue passions too and love to hear insights from those walking ahead of them.

? – How do you keep your passion alive OR have you not found it yet?

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