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Though we’ll probably highlight Erin for a few other entrepreneurial endeavors, our first highlight will be focused on her new Cutting Back and Going Green Blog.

Here’s what Erin has to say about it:

I’m Erin, one of the many unemployed or underemployed adults in this country. Like many people I am constantly looking for ways to cut back financially and save some money. And at the same time I am becoming increasingly concerned about living a greener and healthier lifestyle. At first I wondered if the two things were compatible? It seems that “green” products tend to cost more. So I started doing my research, and then started sharing my research. And that has lead me to creating the Cutting Back and Going Green Blog.

This is the place I am sharing tips on how to save money and live a green lifestyle all at the same time. Come share your ideas with me! I love to hear how other people are cutting back and going green!

Welcome to Nudge Village Erin!

P.S. Take a look at Erin’s freebie to the first three people who share tips for her blog!

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