Apology Nudges

Yes, there is such a category as “apology nudges” and it was just invented by the Chief Nudger because …she neglected to send a prize (the Crush It! book) to a villager (Mary Kay) in a timely manner.

What happens when you don’t deliver what you promise? And, when you promise it?

Resentment from business partnerships? Distrust of customers? No second chance from prospects?

Perhaps you are thinking – “Ok, it was just a book and it was free. Perhaps it isn’t that big of a deal in this case.” Or, is it?

Every single interaction – email, phone calls, text messages, website appearance, Facebook responses – send a message. They are part of your personal brand.

Are you ok with yours? Or, are there areas to improve? What are those areas? Do you know someone who is better in those areas than you? Have you asked them what they do?

Here at Nudge Village, we know we have to make some improvements and luckily we are learning just like you and will share the good, the bad, and the ugly along the way. After all, sometimes we learn A LOT more from mistakes than from when things are going well.

So, as a start on improving – we again say “Mary Kay, we apologize for taking two entire weeks to send out a book and hope that you will forgive us.”

P.S. That reminds us – we selected another winner for “The James Miracle” this weekend and will post that on Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “Apology Nudges

  1. Excellent thoughts Luanne! Wow. We may need to turn these thoughts in to another daily nudge. Also, I don't think we put the "international" part of your relocation expertise on your profile. We'll make sure to add that in this week.Thanks for sharing your thoughts,Rebecker


  2. It seems one of the hardest things to do in business is to understand where your product or service fits in your clients list of priorities or it's level of importance to them. We tend to either overestimate its importance such as college professors who fail to realize that their students are also enrolled in classes other than their own, or underestimate it like we tend to do with running water, or internet service until it abruptly stops working.A knowledge of your client through direct communication and observation should lead you to establishing the right mix between proactive and reactive communication.


  3. Thank you for your comment Alma! Glad you are sharing your thoughts in the community. In fact, as a sales person, you probably have quite a few more nudges to share with us.I like the concept that you are saying each of us needs to understand our place in another's world – kind of like what the Senior Nudger is eluding to in the "94%" daily nudges. We need to get into others minds and hearts to know what will make them happy and then deliver that to them, as opposed to what we would want.Interesting ideas that we'll continue to talk about.Thanks for sharing,Chief Nudger


  4. When you screw up, be honest. Don't make excuses. Then deliver twice what you said you'd do. During a Real Estate transaction process there are many persons to deal with besides the client: appraiser, lender, title escrow officer, inspector, other agents, city offices etc. Often this can be a very stressful experience with major family changes, deadlines, signing contracts etc. Not only does effective communication and a pleasant personality help, but consistency is the key!Set aside one day a week to be a "Service Day" and plan for a specific time frame without interruptions to make those phone calls and get business chores done (mail pkgs. – deliver contracts). Having some sort of structure in an imperfect world helps to keep us focused as we all have distractions we react to like the cell phone, unexpected walk in visitors, email and FB. Remember – what matters most is customer satisfaction, since that is how our business will grow or fail. So to all my Nudge readers – Who do you know now or in the future that may have a Real Estate need? I am an International Relocation Specialist and welcome your referral contacts.


  5. I like to think that letting people know in a personal and direct manner that we are doing our best to serve them often satisfies even the toughest of customers … especially when that service or product is being offered at zero cost to them!That's practically the basis of my "business" model. And when I offer similar services/products in the future at a cost, then my customers already know and accept my standards of operation. By exercising this process, I've witnessed the creation of a 'love group' that places a high value on my work … and that makes it all worth it 🙂


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