Autoresponder, shopping cart and all things SEO

We are preparing to select a software, an online solution, a solution…for an autoresponder, a shopping cart, and all things SEO.

However, we are a few things right now:

  • Small
  • Emerging budget – code for a little budget that intends to grow in the next few months. (-:
  • Practical, but willing to pay
  • Wanting to put something in place that will grow with us
  • Quality vs. thrift – we like quality
  • Bells and whistles – yes, we’d like to display pictures, audio or video in emails and be able to pull off unique things.

Please share your recommendations. Every search on Google seems to bring up people that are pushing whomever they are an affiliate for as opposed to pushing what would meet specific needs.

We’ve noticed a lot of people have great things to say about the following:

  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Getresponse
  • RedOakCart

What think ye?

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