Customer Relations

Hiding – or not

Do you hide? Hide from customers, shy away from certain marketing activities, try to find excuses not to pursue something you know you really should?

We do too – especially the Chief Nudger of Nudge Village!

The Chief Nudger didn’t want to be “seen” in an online format for a while. But, through some of the tips provided through Villager Barbara (, the Chief Nudger decided it was time to come out of hiding and create a couple of videos!

Now, they aren’t perfect, but somewhere along the way it becomes very apparent that the only way to become better is to get out there and start doing the task that it most scary to do.

So, here you go…some thoughts from the Chief Nudger that stemmed from a Facebook Group conversation about the greatest challenges that entrepreneurs face.


You tell us – what does the Chief Nudger need to improve in her:

  • Appearance
  • Presentation Skills
  • Content Quality
  • Filming Capability
  • Other

This is a learning experience and if anyone should be willing to put it all out there – it should be the Chief Nudger!


Nudge response:

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