Website: lori_twilight

So, Lori has amazing acting talents and that was her career until she started a fan site for all lovers of Twilight. Little did she know that it would become the largest Twilight fan site on the Internet and that she would end up managing it as a full-time job. How fun is that!

Here’s what she has to say about herself:

“After all those years of doing theatre, I never expected to find myself in a writing profession, but here I am. I own the longest running Twilight fansite and spend most of my day working on Twilight related material for the site and other aspects of the fandom. Yes, that’s my name in the back of Eclipse. And no, I have not met Rob Pattinson… yet. I’ve met everyone else though!”

Are you a Twilight fan? Better go take a look at her site or you may be missing out on all the latest news and updates!

Welcome to Nudge Village Lori!

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Nudge response:

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