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Too many things to do. My calendar has been packed for over a month and I’m not sure it will let up. I’ve exercised, but not hard enough and have gained 10 pounds. I’ve gotten organized, but not well enough that work, personal life, church and entrepreneurial activities are in sync. I am not sleeping as well since I can never catch up.

So many people out there say “you can have it all.”

But, can we really?

I say no.

We all get 24 hours in a day. That is it.

You must make a choice.

Good or better?

Better or best?

Short-term or long-term success?

This weekend is a good time to de-junk, re-baseline, and take control of your priorities again.

My choice? I’m taking a walk to clear my mind. The email will be here in an hour. (-:

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