Tip – leveraging online storefronts

Everyone knows about eBay. A few years ago, I sold tons of my Eddie Bauer clothing (since I bought WAY too many items in duplicates) on eBay so that I could buy an awesome camera. It was great! I paid a little fee to eBay and they took care of all the leg work – provided space for photos, collected the money, put my items into the right categories and let me see how many people were watching my items, bidding on them and buying them.

Over the years, selling on eBay became more difficult. People learned how to undercut the bidding process and people from overseas can now sell better stuff for less while throwing in free shipping.

Yet, eBay is still a good selling system for many people.

For you, there may be some other options that are even more appealing.

Here are a few stores to try:

What other online storefronts can you suggest?

It would be great to hear what you use and we can start adding them into our resource page soon!

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