Welcome to Jenika!  

Website: none just yet. (-: a sketch of Jenika

Jenika is probably our youngest villager! Thank goodness! What is a community without a teenager! (-:

Jenika was the second place winner in the 2011 Mahatma Gandhi Art and Writing Contest from over 800 entries from middle schools and high schools all over the United States. The awards were given out at Princeton University. What an honor!

Jenika continues to pursue her sketching skills and is currently a participant in a nationwide “companions” sketchbook project. Or, is it worldwide? I don’t know.

I do know that Jenika is well on her way to creating more great sketches and gets lots of practice from all the requests she keeps getting from friends.

Perhaps she’ll get a website soon to share more of her art with us!

Welcome to Nudge Village Jenika!

Graphic of multiple sketches


Graphic of multiple sketches by Jenika


Sketches by Jenika

Sketches of Jenika’s friends

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