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My homework – determine Target Audience – who is it really?

Dear Villagers,

This week I’ve got quite the homework assignment. It shouldn’t be soooo hard, but it is for me.

Target Audience?

Part of the assignment is defining the target audience for Nudge Village!

Nudge Village, the website (right where you are reading this p0st) isn’t that active. I don’t sell anything, I don’t try to create a community here, and I have no “call to action” right now. Nudge Village IS active on our private Facebook group and I’m happy to say that people are learning, growing, caring and sharing there.

But, we would like to grow and part of that means we need to refine our message, provide something of value to our audience and ultimately make this a place where people MUST come and find the support and value they need to pursue their big idea and grow their business.

Right now my audience appears to be all over the place – entrepreneurs, artists (who seem not to know how to translate their ideas into  business – maybe we can help!), people thinking they have an idea, career changers, photographers, etc. See – even my definition was all over the place!

Target Audience – Define by…

Often we try to define our target audience by age, beliefs, education, etc. However, no one fits into a box like that anymore. In fact, I personally cringe when people use the “generational differences” excuse when they talk about adopting technology. Nonsense. Look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. My great aunt was 93 and wanted to receive only ebooks on her  Kindle before she died a couple of years ago. Yes, she was saying that a couple of years ago. I’ve got 70 year old friends that are more savy with technology and love it more than 30 year old siblings.

Do I digress?

Anyway, Pamela Slim is teaching us that our target audience is defined by what they are looking for.

Let’s say that again – define your target audience by what they are looking for.

This opens so many doors! It also helps clarify what your products and services SHOULD be for those that want those types of products regardless of  typical demographics. I’m a woman, but the last thing I want to do is go hang out with women and talk about hair, make-up, spas, and cute stuff. Yes, I do appreciate all those things, but I’m not going to meet up with you to talk about it…at least not right now. I want to talk about innovations, technology, psychology, and maybe even a bit of sci-fi.

Our target audience – taking a crack at it

At this time I’d say we have three key target audiences that use our community:

  •  Accountability Seekers those who want to be held accountable for the direction they are going and want some guidance, tough love and support along the way.
  • Emerging Entreprenuers – smart and talented people with an idea who need to know where to start and what to do to move their idea forward. We connect them to those people and resources.
  • Performance Improvement Seekers – successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that want to improve, grow, change, and expand influence. They want new ways to approach old problems, info about where they should be looking for helpful tips, and want to connect with other influencers along the way.

How’s this for a start? We’ll keep refining!

I’m excited to get this refined this month!

What do you think?

See you in the Nudge Village group!


Nudge Strategist

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