Who are your inspirational sources?

Who is your source of information? inspiration?

Here’s an excerpt from one of our daily nudges that we hope you find valuable!

Daily Nudge #6

I’ve found that the amount of experts, coaches and authors is overwhelming! You’d never take action if you spent the time it takes to learn from them all.

So, let’s focus it down a bit. Perhaps a few tips will help.

Tips for finding inspiration sources:

Spiritual Roots – these are typically YOUR deepest sources of inspiration. Don’t forget to follow spiritual promptings either. They are there to guide you in every aspect of your life…including your idea!

Experts (follow 2-3) – you’ll find that you are consistently drawn to a few people. I’m drawn to Seth GodinTom PetersMichael Hyatt, and Dave Ramsey. I read their books, I get an RSS feed of their blogposts and someday I’ll attend one of their events. What’s great about following these gurus is that they are constantlightbulbly introducing you to other people, books and ideas. The Entreleadership Series, for example, is a podcast series that includes interviews with great people like the founder of LinkedIn and popular authors on a regular basis.

Emerging Gurus (follow 1-3) – emerging gurus are great. They are still working on creating a tribe and do have the time to respond to your questions or even coach you. These are people who you want to learn from and build a close relationship with over time. I’ve signed up for coaching from Pamela Slim, the author of “Escape from Cubicle Nation,” because I relate to her corporate background and like her style of communicating. Plus, she took the big step of leaving the cube farm and becoming a successful full-time entrepreneur. Great example that I’d like to follow!

Ask your friends – social media is great! Not just because you can reach a lot of people simply, but also because you can ask your online groups or individual contacts who they turn to for inspiration. All of the people mentioned above came to me as “nudges” from friends that thought I would enjoy the messages that these gurus share.

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and one is gold” 

Remember that quote? Be sure to acknowledge and keep learning from those that inspired you in the past, but regularly seek to connect to a new source of inspiration.

Do you have someone who inspires you to press forward with your ideas? 

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