Announcing the Chief Nudgers – March 2013

Nudge Village exists because of individuals that make time to share information, give support and insight, and consistently keep the community conversations alive. There are a few people who are especially good “nudgers.” We like to call them Chief Nudgers!

Congratulations to the Chief Nudgers!

Let’s introduce them to you!

Tina – For My Sister Friends – Life Transformation Specialist 

Tina just recently joined Nudge Village, but she’s been nudging away ever since she got involved in our online group. She was a nudger long before she met us!

Tina  created For My Sister Friends “to encourage women to realize their passions, achieve their goals, and connect with their true self.”  Her mission is to educate, empower, and enlighten women as they embark on their own personal journey.

logo of For My Sister Friends

For My Sister Friends


Twitter: @4mysisterfriend

Alaina – Becker Office Associates – Virtual Executive Assistant

Logo for Becker Office Associates

Becker Office Associates

Alaina is fairly new to Nudge Village, but she’s hopped right in and started to share ideas and support others as they pursue theirs!

Alaina runs Becker Office Associates which provides administrative support and social media concierge services to small businesses across the United States and beyond.

She is also a Pinterest expert!


Twitter: @BeckerVAService

Heidi – Sanity Health Challenge – Family Health Coach

Sanity Health Challenge

Sanity Health Challenge by Heidi Totten

Heidi is probably one of the longest Chief Nudgers! She continues to nudge the group and the Nudge Village Strategist to move forward on her ideas!

Heidi Totten has worked through some of her own health challenges and has created a program for families to learn about health, get their diet in order and make the lifestyle changes necessary to lead a long and healthy life. Heidi is an excellent source of information and support and offers coaching and health products as well as great tips along the way!


Twitter: @heiditotten

Design Guy – Design Director

Design Guy

Design Guy

The Design Guy actually does more of his nudging offline, but that doesn’t make the support less meaningful! Design Guy is constantly ensuring that the user experience is considered throughout the design process – in websites, in online learning products, and in book design.

He’s also great at Nudging the Nudge Village Strategist on moving forward her ideas!

Website: and iTunes

Twitter: @arotolo

Barbara – Bija Coaching – Health and Life Coaching

Bija Coaching

Barbara Christensen of Bija Coaching

Barbara is a long time Chief Nudger! She’s constantly sharing in-depth information with the group. She’s also someone who constantly nudges the Nudge Village Strategist to keep moving forward and execute on her ideas!

Barbara Christensen has a wealthy of knowledge that she shares about food, exercise, the chemistry of the body, nutrients, etc. However, she’s not just full of great information. She’s a great coach that has helped hundreds of men and women get in shape, work through health issues and take charge of their well-being.

Website: or click on Barbara’s banner

Twitter: @bijagirl

Tanya Smith – Tanya Smith Online – Business  Coach

Photo of Tanya SmithTanya is constantly sharing tools and approaches to streamline and simply your business! She’s very supportive of the community!

Tanya is a business strategist who can help you think strategically and apply specific techniques that will help you get your business organized now, but more importantly …set up for long term success! She’s a coach, a speaker, and a continuous learner. She shares weekly tips on everything from personal productivity, sticking to your values, and how to leverage the Internet to enable your business success.


Twitter: @coachtanya

Julie – Chicks Connect – Life Coaching (Online Community and Local Chapters)

Julie is fairly new to Nudge Village, but has jumped right in to support other members of the group! She’s constantly sharing and connecting and we are excited to have her onboard in our community.

This is a great site geared toward women in business. Chicks Connect offers a monthly membership and an online community, but also has local chapters cropping up all the time! This is a resource for women that want both the online and in-person support necessary to build a business. Great resource for networking because of all the motivated “chicks” you will interact with on a daily basis!

Website: or click on the banner (affiliate link)

Twitter: @chicksconnect

Leslie – Thrive Life – Preparedness Consultant

Logo for Thrive Life

Thrive Life

Leslie is also fairly new to Nudge Village, but has jumped right in to support other members of the group! She’s been sharing all of the wonderful growth she’s had and lessons learned along the way.

Leslie is a Thrive Life Consultant (formerly Shelf Reliance) and is rapidly growing


Sheila – Pennies of Time – Service Director

Photo of Pennies of Time founder and her two sons

Pennies of Time Trio – Sheila and sons

Sheila is fairly new to Nudge Village, but is eager to share and learn as she sets up her new site and keeps busy with local service opportunities. She’s really supportive of all the nudgers!

Pennies of Time logo

Pennies of Time

Sheila wants to make sure that her children learn how to serve and find joy in the process. She’s set up a website to share some of the projects that she’s created, participated in, or supports along with her two service oriented sons!

Her mission is “teaching young children to serve.”


Twitter: @Pennies_of_Time

Congrats Chiefs! Keep nudging!

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  1. It’s thrilling to belong to a group like Nudge Village and I’m always excited to share information. It’s so great that there are so many different business entreleaders in the group to connect with, because that is a secret to business success in this social age.


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