Remarkable – Thai Restaurants, The Beetles and Nnamdi Sculptures

This week I visited a Thai restaurant. We go there now that I’ve discovered it has some wonderful chicken curry that tastes just like the kind of Thai curry my Mom made growing up. It brings back memories and helps build more.


photo of a thai dancerAs we were waiting for our meal, the music changed from some authentic Indian music to one of the Beetles hits. It always strikes me as funny how “authentic”cuisine is often accompanied by non- related music. But, hey, who doesn’t like the Beetles?

Apparently the guy in the booth next to us forgot where he was and was swept away. He started humming and then singing. The restaurant wasn’t really full and so it was pretty clear where the noise was coming from.

Yet, it didn’t annoy. In fact, it inspired this post.

Haven’t we all experienced this spontaneous singing? I heard it in the theater at Mama Mia and just today I had my own concert taking place in the car to the Les Miserables CD. I couldn’t just listen. I had to actively participate.

But, this type of music isn’t a fad. The Beetles endure time. They inspire generations. 

They are remarkable.

Purple CowSeth Godin talks about the importance of being remarkable in his book – The Purple Cow. I make a point to re-read it every once in a while.

It reminds me to focus on adding value. It reminds me to work on products and services that will make a difference. It reminds me to follow my own path instead of trying to copy everyone else.

If you get a chance, read it. It is filled with stories, but at the same time a short read. It reminds us to create relationships, products and services that are worthy of remark (remark-able). Or, singing.

Day-to-day there is a bit of a social pressure, especially for small online businesses, to create daily posts, tweets, and status updates. There is pressure to market your site, your products, and your services. There is pressure, surprisingly, to do things just like everyone else – to follow the same processes, tools, and approaches.

Being REMARKABLE  isn’t going to happen that way.

It takes solitary time to create. It takes reflection. It requires thinking differently so that what you produce will be different, will be lasting and will be…remarkable.

The Sculpture

There are a lot of examples around us, but this week I got to experience REMARKABLE from a box that came in the mail. Months ago I contributed to a Kickstarter Campaign for my friend Nnamdi . He creates beautiful sculptures!

As part of the Kickstarter Campaign, contributors would receive a certain gift based upon their contributions. Nnamdi listed incredible gifts for contributors. Far beyond what I think was expected. That was REMARKABLE.

But, even more REMARKABLE was to receive the actual statue in the mail with an authenticity certificate.

The statue is unique. It is truly beautiful. It is bronze. It feels heavy. It has an authentic signature from the artist.

The statue makes me feel like I have real art in the house. It reminds me of past and present friends. It reminds me of my sisters and my mother. It reminds me of the artist. My man even thinks it is a great piece of art and was surprised at the heaviness, the texture, and the meaning the piece conveys.

I am once again inspired to be REMARKABLE.

Nnamdi sculpture

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