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Sign up for our new course – Authenticity on Twitter!

We’ve created a new course that went live on Udemy today!

Screenshot of the Nudge Village course about Twitter

The Nudge Village “Authenticity on Twitter” course

We created this to help Twitter users leverage it better in the following areas:

  • Learning – use Twitter as a personal learning tool.

  • Giving and Sharing – providing support to others, re-sharing the great stuff others are sharing.

  • Competitive Intelligence – find out what your competitors are doing, partner with them, connect them to others and maybe even help them fulfill a competency they have a gap in right now.

  • Networking & Reputation Building – realize that your Twitter account (for business or personal) is an extension of YOU. Make a good impression and do the same thing you would do in an interview or at a networking event – be professional, be focused, be open with information, be helpful, etc.

Guess what?

We are offering it for FREE! It’s one hour of video, presentations, and a day-to-day Twitter log sheet, and a few resources along the way.

How do you sign up?

Just go to Authenticity on Twitter and hit the “Start Learning Now – Free” button.

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