Dear Family – Education has changed. Are you getting your children ready?

Are you preparing your children for the future at hand?

Learning Emergencies

Typically I don’t share private letters to my family. But, this one was about education and I am not sure that parents are aware of the trends impacting their children’s education. We are seeing the trends in the adult learning world, but have they trickled to the ears of parents herding their K-12 kids through the system?

I have a couple dozen nieces and nephews that I care about and so ….a letter went out!

Remember, this was just an informal communication. Tons more info on this out there!


Dear Family,

My friend’s son watched his sister accumulate over $150,000 in undergraduate debt at Emory-Riddle and …she still end up working at Panera. He was preparing for college as he watched this unfold in her life. So, he’s decided to complete his first two years of college at a local community college – virtually free – while he accumulates…

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