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Recruiting Talent for Startups is Easier in Denser Tech Communities

Location, location, location.

David Cummings on Startups

A startup in the Atlanta Tech Village was recruiting hard for a software engineer against a more established company that offered a significantly higher salary. At the end of the recruiting process, with two offers in hand, the programmer chose the startup in ATV citing ATV as one of the more important drivers of the decision (along with the people at the startup and the startup’s vision).

After thinking about it briefly, it makes sense that recruiting talent for startups is easier in denser tech communities:

  • People want a strong community for pride, camaraderie, and relationship building
  • Startups have high highs and low lows, creating an even higher demand for a peer group to share experiences, learn from, and lean on
  • Most startups fail, so being in a dense community, especially an ultra dense building like ATV, provides greater opportunities to quickly find another job with another tech company in…

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