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Lessons From the ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit was one of my favorite reads this year as well.


This is probably one of the most impactful and practical books I went through in 2014. Everyone knows a thing or two about habits: good and bad. Just how exactly do you form a habit or break a bad one?

The author starts off by laying out the habit loop

Cue -> Routine -> Reward

Essentially, some cue initiates a routine, with some reward afterwards which makes the outcome of the routine satisfying. Cravings are what power this loop.

So basically, to create a new habit you just need to find an obvious cue and clearly define a reward. An example could be: lay out your gym clothes by your bed, so you wake to see it when you wake up in the morning (Cue). Go running (Routine). Drink a smoothie after your workout (Reward). You can fill in the blank, but that’s the…

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