The Switch – from big step to tiny goal

Life throws us curve balls periodically and I’ve had my share of mine.

So, we adjust, right?

There’s a lot of coaching out there telling us to set big goals and dreams. That’s all good until these feel mentally insurmountable. That’s what I was starting to feel with the book I was writing.

Why not take a step back from the “big, hairy audacious” goal once in a while and just accomplish something small?

Ironically, more progress takes place because the tiny goals are easy to reach. And, if one is reached, why not another?

Right now I don’t have my big thought provoking book finished, but I do have three smaller eBooks in progress that will go live on Amazon in a few weeks.

That’s progress!

It’s that holiday time of year when everyone creates abnormally long “To Do” lists right when the flurry of shopping and events actually makes it more difficult to accomplish even the basics.

Keep moving forward on your dreams. But, break it down.

Tiny goals. Tiny successes.

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