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Habits, Creativity and Christmas: 3 great, FREE e-books

If you haven’t heard of James Clear, it is a great time to download the free new books he is offering!

Tom Owens, Writer

HabitsBookJamesClearHurray for James Clear!

I downloaded his two newest creations, Transform Your Habits and Mastering Creativity. Start the new year right with these titles.

In each guide, James writes in a friendly, hopeful and realistic style. He can talk brain science in a way that works for even me! I’m reading, learning and thinking: I’m eating vegetables and liking it. Instead of worrying how good for me it is, I’m grooving on how tasty this writing is.

The author offers so many step by step suggestions. Look at what can happen by taking just three steps, making three small, consistent changes.

CreativityJamesClearWhenever an author can start out with “Ten Things You Should Get Out Of Reading This…” I’m hooked. And Mr. Clear makes it clear. He delivers on every page.

Visit his website. Get his free e-books. Be amazed.

Meanwhile, speaking of creativity…

The giveathon continues! This is…

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