So, some interesting thoughts about choice here. We like “nudging” from an individual perspective, but this is the conversation at the higher level (e.g. government, institutions, etc.).

Still, I think the choice to choose or not to choose shouldn’t come from “on high” from an organization, but rather from the people.

Either way, good read.

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The only thing worse than never having a choice is always having to choose

Choice can be a mixed blessing – as you know if you’ve ever spent an evening browsing hundreds of titles on Netflix only to repair despondently to bed without watching a movie. One famous if controversial study found that people were much more likely to purchase a jar of jam when faced with a choice of just six flavors than with 24, which short-circuited their brains. Even if we overcome “analysis paralysis” and make a decision, other research suggests that we’ll be less satisfied with our choice when forced to pick from a larger range of options. Yet in politics – and in American politics above all – choice remains an unquestionably positive thing. ….[READ]

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