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Neglectful at Nudging


Months have passed and I’ve been neglectful on officially nudging from my website.

How is this possible? I’ve had such great habits up until the last couple of months.

Life changes, sometimes rapidly and dramatically.

New baby, death in the family, changes in work schedule, new worries, etc.

It all impacts our daily habits, messing with the overall accomplishment of our lives.

However, the good in all of this is that it messes with life priorities in a positive way. It is the perfect time to re-think the trajectory of the daily grind – why am I doing what I do each day? are the outcomes what I expected? what needs more focus? what needs less?


These are nudges from the self to the self or perhaps nudges from on high from a spiritual being who wants us to make the most out of our lives.

So, it’s time to get back on track. Nudging myself into action so that I can nudge others to press forward on their habits, goals and dreams.

I’m back!

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