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Villagers Mike and Rungludi – Wooden Flowers and Vases

Website: Flowers

Mike and Rungludi opened their wooden flower and vase business (DM Wooden Flowers and Vases) back in 1998. Rungludi is constantly creating new flower designs that translate into beautiful wood flowers.

The wooden flowers are made from Bass wood, a soft carving wood. They are painted with an acrylic paint and then coated with a white wax. They are meant for indoor decoration or for outdoor areas that are protected from the elements.

Though they sell many of their flowers online, part of their business strategy is to travel around to key events every year, such as home and garden shows and art and craft festivals. Take a look at their 2011 schedule here – – to find out if they will be near you. This provides time to balance work and personal time. 

Welcome to Nudge Village Mike and Rungludi!


Screenshot of the yearly goal categories

Yearly and Monthly Goal Sheet – template sharing

Today in our Nudge Village Group, one of the “villagers” asked about what template I used in the graphic I showed in an earlier post (The To Don’t post) I was sharing.

I have an entire personal management approach that I won’t put entirely in this post, but here are two elements of it.

Yearly Goals 

The yearly goals that are leading me toward my greater purpose, but they aren’t really checklist worthy. I reserve that more for the monthly, weekly, and daily goals and activities.

But, I do create this handy sheet to remember the “big rocks” as I pursue those daily tasks. Yes, I took an extra hour to make it “pretty” because I wanted to enjoy referencing it frequently! Note – it is purposely a bit fuzzy. After all, these are my personal goals. (-:

Screenshot of the yearly goal categories

My yearly goal categories

Monthly Goals

For monthly goals, I do need something that I can write on and reference on a daily basis. Plus, I’ve added the “To Don’t” row to that template because I’ve had to discard some things to make room for something better!

Screenshot of a six month goal categories

Six month goal sheet with categories re-used from my yearly goal sheet

Here’s a copy  in MS Word – Goals_2013_samplebreakdown or  in PDF – Goals_2013_samplebreakdown  if you’d like to replicate it. I’ve actually made mine for six months across the page and I copy it out on a legal or larger size paper. Perhaps I have too many goals! But, I enjoy variety!

Your Approach

This is working for me right now for two areas of goals – yearly and monthly. I have an entirely different method for vision, mission, and life goals as well as my daily tasks and notes. Being a full-time employee and a part-time entrepreneur means there is a bit of juggling between systems, processes, and personal  note keeping because some of my personal management tools aren’t available at work.

But, feel free to share and use. Keep modifying your approach to work for you. Our brains all work a bit differently.

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My homework – determine Target Audience – who is it really?

Dear Villagers,

This week I’ve got quite the homework assignment. It shouldn’t be soooo hard, but it is for me.

Target Audience?

Part of the assignment is defining the target audience for Nudge Village!

Nudge Village, the website (right where you are reading this p0st) isn’t that active. I don’t sell anything, I don’t try to create a community here, and I have no “call to action” right now. Nudge Village IS active on our private Facebook group and I’m happy to say that people are learning, growing, caring and sharing there.

But, we would like to grow and part of that means we need to refine our message, provide something of value to our audience and ultimately make this a place where people MUST come and find the support and value they need to pursue their big idea and grow their business.

Right now my audience appears to be all over the place – entrepreneurs, artists (who seem not to know how to translate their ideas into  business – maybe we can help!), people thinking they have an idea, career changers, photographers, etc. See – even my definition was all over the place!

Target Audience – Define by…

Often we try to define our target audience by age, beliefs, education, etc. However, no one fits into a box like that anymore. In fact, I personally cringe when people use the “generational differences” excuse when they talk about adopting technology. Nonsense. Look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. My great aunt was 93 and wanted to receive only ebooks on her  Kindle before she died a couple of years ago. Yes, she was saying that a couple of years ago. I’ve got 70 year old friends that are more savy with technology and love it more than 30 year old siblings.

Do I digress?

Anyway, Pamela Slim is teaching us that our target audience is defined by what they are looking for.

Let’s say that again – define your target audience by what they are looking for.

This opens so many doors! It also helps clarify what your products and services SHOULD be for those that want those types of products regardless of  typical demographics. I’m a woman, but the last thing I want to do is go hang out with women and talk about hair, make-up, spas, and cute stuff. Yes, I do appreciate all those things, but I’m not going to meet up with you to talk about it…at least not right now. I want to talk about innovations, technology, psychology, and maybe even a bit of sci-fi.

Our target audience – taking a crack at it

At this time I’d say we have three key target audiences that use our community:

  •  Accountability Seekers those who want to be held accountable for the direction they are going and want some guidance, tough love and support along the way.
  • Emerging Entreprenuers – smart and talented people with an idea who need to know where to start and what to do to move their idea forward. We connect them to those people and resources.
  • Performance Improvement Seekers – successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that want to improve, grow, change, and expand influence. They want new ways to approach old problems, info about where they should be looking for helpful tips, and want to connect with other influencers along the way.

How’s this for a start? We’ll keep refining!

I’m excited to get this refined this month!

What do you think?

See you in the Nudge Village group!


Nudge Strategist

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Screenshot of the Entreleadership website

The EntreLeadership Podcast – Dave Ramsey

If you don’t know about it already, check out the EntreLeadership Podcast from Dave Ramsey.

It’s really a great new series.

One of the Nudge Villagers told me about it a few months ago and I downloaded one podcast, enjoyed it, and then got busy with life.

However, this week I drove a few hours to a meeting for work and I downloaded a whole slew of these podcasts for the road.

Screenshot of the Entreleadership website

I expected to hear Dave Ramsey talk, but most of the podcasts were interviews with great leaders and authors like the president of Chick-fil-A, Jim Collins (author of Good to Great and related books) and a few other people that were obvious motivators/experts in their fields.

Zig Ziglar often talked about turning your time in your car into an “automobile university” because of the focus and reflection that can take place in those moments (or hours) of commuting, traveling, etc.

Lots of good leadership stuff out there and this is another great resource to take with you on the road.