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Villager Sean – Retro Gaming Blog

Welcome Sean!

About Sean:


Sean has been playing games since he was “tall enough to crawl up on a bar stool in front of an arcade machine.” That’s a quote from him.

Sean has been playing games since he was “tall enough to crawl up on a bar stool in front of an arcade machine.” That’s a quote from him.

He’s channeled his passion of games from his past into a blog – which is actually a very robust website of interviews, game reviews, pictures and insights into the world of retro games that fellow game geeks will enjoy!

Word has it that Sean is also a talented web designer, graphic designer and artist. Just look at his site and you’ll see part of his capabilities.

The PowerPlakBlog is fairly new, but it will be fun to see how it takes off as the site connects to more and more people interested in re-visiting the games of their past and find out where to find fellow game lovers and games in the here and now.

Welcome to Nudge Village Sean!

Photo of Ladd

Villager Ladd – Emerging Technology Blogger

Website:    Ladd

Ladd started his career as an accountant, but quickly moved into the field of IT and has been working as an IT Solution architect since that time.

He’s started a blog to share what he knows, what he’s learning and what to look for in the ever emerging field of technology.

Check back at his blog each month for more info and to ask questions.

Welcome to Nudge Village Ladd!

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Villager Bryan – Author and Speaker

Bryan Alexander

Author, Professor, Blogger, Consultant, Digital Storytelling Expert





Photo of Bryan Alexander

We are excited to welcome Bryan Alexander into Nudge Village! He is a professor, author, blogger – ok, you read it above!

He’s quite the visionary thinker and has some great thoughts to share on digital storytelling. I (Chief Nudger speaking here) get to see him in a workshop in November and have just purchased his book.

As with other villagers, sometimes it is best to use what someone has already written up about them.

Here’s what others have said:

Take a look at his thoughts on mobile:

Welcome to Nudge Village Bryan!

Photo of Mark Oehlert
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Villager Mark – Blogger and Innovations Evangelist

Mark Oehlert Photo of Mark Oehlert

Innovations Evangelist/Blogger




Mark Oehlert was blogging and tweeting before most of the world. In fact, for a while 3-4 years ago, he was considered one of the top tweeters out there and still has a large following (over 4,000) that pay attention to what he has to say.

Mark keeps a day job with the Department of Defense, but is often tweeting, speaking at conferences and generally trying to help organizations innovate in how they work, share knowledge and perform using some of the forward thinking social networking and sharing tools of today. Many of us that worked with him over the years can attribute our involvement with Twitter, Facebook, SocialText, Foursquare, Delicious and other sites to Mark “evangelizing” them around the office space.

When I (Chief Nudger talking here), asked him about how to blog the right way a few years ago, I still remember the jist of his answer – don’t write the way other people want you to write. Write what you think and how you want to write it. The right people will read it. If you aren’t writing your true thoughts, people will see through it.

Anyway, here’s a little more from Mark’s actual bio since it says it best:

Mark Oehlert is a recognized expert, author and speaker in the fields of innovation, emerging technology and game-based learning. He has worked in the e-Learning field for 10 years, bringing his unique insight as a trained historian and anthropologist to a range of challenges from performance support to mobile computing and learning strategy development. Mark served as a Learning Strategy Architect at the global consulting firm of Booz Allen Hamilton, working with a range of clients in formulating enterprise-wide learning and technology strategies. He also supported the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative for many years as the Deputy Director for Communications where he acted as the leadership team’s primary e-Learning research coordinator. Mark also served as the Director of Learning Innovations at the MASIE Center, a think tank focused on learning strategies in the corporate space. Mark now serves as an Innovation Evangelist at the Defense Acquisition University – A U.S. Department of Defense university focused on improving the learning outcomes for over 150,000 acquisition personnel.

Welcome to Nudge Village Mark!

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Villager Lori – Twilight Fan Site

Website: lori_twilight

So, Lori has amazing acting talents and that was her career until she started a fan site for all lovers of Twilight. Little did she know that it would become the largest Twilight fan site on the Internet and that she would end up managing it as a full-time job. How fun is that!

Here’s what she has to say about herself:

“After all those years of doing theatre, I never expected to find myself in a writing profession, but here I am. I own the longest running Twilight fansite and spend most of my day working on Twilight related material for the site and other aspects of the fandom. Yes, that’s my name in the back of Eclipse. And no, I have not met Rob Pattinson… yet. I’ve met everyone else though!”

Are you a Twilight fan? Better go take a look at her site or you may be missing out on all the latest news and updates!

Welcome to Nudge Village Lori!