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Villager Tanya – Personal Brand Strategist

Photo of Tanya Smith

Tanya Smith

Personal Brand Strategist

Website: (links to website, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook)


We met Tanya through a Facebook group and invited her to ours! She always has such great information and ideas to share that we wanted to make sure we introduced her to you!

More about Tanya

Tanya is a personal brand strategist. As the founder of Be Promotable, she “helps coaches, consultants, and other service-based solopreneurs apply smart promotion and marketing techniques. A gifted business strategist with a unique analytical style. Tanya’s specialty is in sharing step-by-step strategies and internet technologies that raise the visibility of entrepreneurs so they can market themselves as power players in their industry.”

Tanya practices what she preaches. Take a look at her websites and her credentials. Her websites are unique from each other, but maintain similar elements that combine to complete her personal brand. And, check out her credentials – MBA, Certified Purposeful Branding & Marketing Coach ™, Certified Career Management Coach ™, Certified Leadership & Talent Management Coach ™, Professional in HR (PHR), Reach Certified Online Identity Strategist and more. She is constantly learning to stay abreast in her field.

We look forward to hearing more from Tanya in our Facebook group and as she continues to grow her business online. Plus, she often shares free webinars and tools with potential clients. So, stay tuned as we announce those to you.

Welcome to Nudge Village Tanya!

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Villager Kim – Author and Coach

Photo of Kim FlynnPrimary Website:

Kim Flynn is a serial entrepreneur – starting a tutoring company (The Tutoring Connection), a property management company and a fitness and fashion company called Fabulous Living. Now she offers coaching services based upon all of her experiences setting up small businesses.

As a mother of four children, Kim deals with some of the same challenges of balancing family and business as some of the other Nudge Villagers. As she describes in her own bio, the secret to her success is setting up systems that enable her to get out of the day-to-day details of the business and freed up to start more ventures.

Lessons Learned?

Kim: In the beginning I was the tutor, the owner, the salesperson, the everything, and I had no clue what I was doing. But here is the important part–I did it anyway.

In the first few years of business I made every mistake in the book. I had many unsatisfied customers. I hired before I was ready. I took on too much responsibility and stressed myself out. I micromanaged my managers. I wasted thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing. I did everything wrong. But that is where the learning happened!

 For the past three years of business, I have done little more with this company (The Tutoring Connection) than attend a weekly leadership meeting and ensure the company is headed in a good direction. I don’t do any day-to-day work. I haven’t answered a client phone call in years. I don’t even have a desk in our corporate office–all meetings that I attend take place in my house so I can be with my kiddos.

Who would benefit from your new coaching service?

Kim: If you would like to own one business (or five!) I would love to work with you through my coaching programs to guide you, step-by-step, and show you exactly how to start up and grow your business.