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Villager Renaye – Food Storage

Welcome to Nudge Village Renaye!

Renaye’s Website:

Renaye is passionate about being prepared for emergencies and ensuring that she uses her food storage in ways that benefit her family of 8! Photo of Renaye

She’s started a blog and a monthly event at her home to teach people about the benefits of home food storage and to share interesting recipes and methods to prepare and preserve the food.

She even has some ideas on making brownies using beans. Hmmm. Not too sure about that one yet, but will have to give it a try.

Stay tuned as Renaye continues to share more ideas and conduct more inhouse seminars for her community.

Welcome to Nudge Village Renaye!


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Villager Leslie – Shelf Reliance Consultant – Food Storage

Welcome to Leslie!      Photo of Leslie


Leslie is a great photographer, but she’s also interested in personal emergency planning and preparedness. She’s decided to become an independent consultant for Shelf Reliance. 

Leslie can provide great tips on how to prepare for emergencies, what kinds of foods to store and even help you start your own personal preparedness using your current budget.

Shelf Reliance allows Leslie to continue her photography endeavors while also pursuing her interest in emergency preparedness.

Graphic of Shelf Reliance products

Welcome to Nudge Village Leslie!