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The Switch – from big step to tiny goal

Life throws us curve balls periodically and I’ve had my share of mine.

So, we adjust, right?

There’s a lot of coaching out there telling us to set big goals and dreams. That’s all good until these feel mentally insurmountable. That’s what I was starting to feel with the book I was writing.

Why not take a step back from the “big, hairy audacious” goal once in a while and just accomplish something small?

Ironically, more progress takes place because the tiny goals are easy to reach. And, if one is reached, why not another?

Right now I don’t have my big thought provoking book finished, but I do have three smaller eBooks in progress that will go live on Amazon in a few weeks.

That’s progress!

It’s that holiday time of year when everyone creates abnormally long “To Do” lists right when the flurry of shopping and events actually makes it more difficult to accomplish even the basics.

Keep moving forward on your dreams. But, break it down.

Tiny goals. Tiny successes.

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Track Changes – capturing the fine-tuning of creation

My book is just 1/2 way there. I write about habits, goals, planning and the like …and I missed my own August 2014 deadline. It wasn’t for lack of trying or regular writing. The ideas just needed to get clearer, the “killing the darlings” process is mentally tiring, and overcoming the lizard brain (quoting Seth Godin – “the part of you that controls you, makes you afraid, and pushes you because it says you’re a failure”) was surprisingly difficult. After all, who would want to read what I write?

As a non-writer person (lots of ideas and stories, but not great at explaining them), this is quite the process!screenshot of document filled with mark-ups and track changes

I’m worried about deleting all of these thoughts and ideas. What if I leave out something that was the main point? What if the life changing phrase is mistakenly deleted?

This is where the beauty of “tracking changes” comes in to play. I can save the tracked changes daily and start the next day with a new draft called “accepted changes.” Sure, I’ve now got 35 files stacking up in the My Documents folder, but it is a relief to track this mental and physical process of re-arranging, refining, and refreshing the content. 

Aren’t we lucky that we can change? And, that we can track it? The use of apps to track calories, bike riding, running, and debt reduction is a major signal to the power of tracking the changes we make in our lives. We get to see where we were, where we are going and get excited about where we may end up. It’s about growth, adventure, and new horizons while capturing the junky-ness of the journey.

Also helpful, is a morgue file of sorts – a document that I can copy/paste my unused quotes and notes just in case I need them later or …for another book. If anything, it provides mental relief to my non-writer soul. The thought is preserved.

There are quite a few writing gurus out there that have a lot to share about the writing process – what tools to use, what process to go through, and how to become a millionaire eBook creator. I’ll learn what I can from them more in due time.

For now, I’ve got to write, to change, to modify and to morph. And, I’m going to track it!

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Shutting out the Maddening Crowd – The Power of One Inner Voice

person walking by a bench on a beachIt’s always strange to me when someone makes a proclamation on Facebook that they’ve had enough and they are shutting down their account.

How does one connect with so many people from so many parts of life and then shut it all off?

I’m still not sure that is a good idea because ultimately, it is a place where many of us go to connect. I’m not even sure if we know the addresses (mailing or otherwise) of those that we are connected to and it would put us in a bit of an isolation situation.

However, over the past few weeks I have needed a break from the constant bombardment. True, it is the new year and so there is an extra amount of entrepreneurs peddling their solutions to New Year’s Resolutions. But, it may just be that it is time for a break.

There are so many voices telling us what to do – think bigger, create more goals, don’t create goals, start a business, become a consultant, get into Internet marketing, create your own blog, and accumulate Twitter followers. 

The problem is we often don’t know from what perspective the voices are coming from and if their advice will fit us.

This year I’ve had moments where I was just plain listening to the wrong voices. Voices of inexperience. Voices of hype. Voices of people creating sales pitches that really hadn’t been through some of the experiences that I’ve been through. Listening to these voices can cause confusion and sometimes the wrong focus. It can even cost you money!

So, once in a while it is time to turn off the computer (or at least the social sites), take a walk, pray, and find out what your own inner voice is telling you to do. It might be for an hour. It might take an afternoon. It might be longer.

Deep within we are entitled to know what is best for us. But, when we surround ourselves with too many voices our inner voice can’t get a word in edgewise. It has to wait and hope that we’ll take the time to calm down, separate ourselves from the world and take the time to listen.

I’ve done that over the past few weeks. It was kind of forced because I was sick and the computer monitor hurt my eyes. I was forced to listen to inspiration with no one to comment, give an opinion or sway me. I was forced to see where my actions were heading. I was forced to determine what I wanted to be known for and sought after for in the world of work. “Forced” probably isn’t the best word, but something within me was forcing me to take this time to reflect.

At the end of the day, are you doing what you were meant to do in this life? Are you adding value in the way that best utilizes your talents and enables you to serve others? Are you pursuing a sustainable path that keeps your personal values and vision intact?

To find out, it is time to take a step away from the maddening crowd. They’ll have opinions. They won’t like that you step away. But, you must.

Your inner voice must be heard if you want to keep heading in the right direction for you.

Go ahead – there is power in listening to your inner voice. We’ll welcome you back when you are ready.


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To Begin, Begin

Great share on Twitter today by @CoachTanya:

“To begin, begin.” – William Wordsworth

Then she added her own twist to the quote:

“Beginnings start between our ears.”

Tis true, aye? If we cannot think it, we cannot begin it. So, Friday ends the official work week, but we can begin something else this weekend. Think about it. 

…just a nudge.


Guest Blogger – Robert Kennedy III – 6 Ways to get past those pesky “feelings”

Please welcome our guest blogger – Robert Kennedy III – Founder of RK3 ( – coaching, training, success coach and technology lover! Robert Kennedy

To read more about him, visit his “About Us”:

6 Ways to get past those pesky “feelings”

“I didn’t workout today because I didn’t FEEL like it.”

“Oh my goodness, I FEEL so tired.  I think I’ll just stay in bed.”

“I won’t network today.  I don’t FEEL like talking to anyone.”

Those pesky feelings.  There are many situations in which they allow us to experience pleasure but we sure can run into some trouble if we allow them to rule our lives.  If I were to live by my feelings only, there would be some days that my kids just didn’t get to school.  If I were to live by just feelings, many times, I might just stay inside and not head out into the great, expanse called our world.  And we always have the option to do that.  But, is it productive?  Is it effective? Does it get us closer to our plans and our goals?

Now, when I talk about feelings, I am not talking about the physical feelings.  Your body really does get tired.  It really does get sick.  It really does get broken sometimes and there is nothing that you can do.  What I am talking about is the mindset.  The feeling of ‘I don’t want to do this right now’ or ‘I’m just not in the mood to do this today.’  Many people allow feeling like this to determine how their days proceed.

We all have those ‘feelings’ from time to time but there are ways of dealing with our ‘feelings’ in order to remain productive.  Here are some of the things I do.

1. Do something immediately
When you don’t feel like completing a project or getting up to do your exercise routine, do something immediately. Make up your mind that you are going to do something towards that project immediately and that immediately combats the feeling. Feelings tend to be progressive. By that I mean that the longer you allow them to ‘feel’, the more powerful they become. If you act immediately against that feeling, you will see that it begins to subside. As a bonus, you will actually be getting something done and moving towards your goal.

2. Write it down
Have you ever seen something that you wrote a few weeks later and thought, “Oh my goodness, who wrote that?” Pens have a funny way of making us see our own fears and sometimes even our silly thoughts. When you don’t feel like doing something. Simply begin to write down what it is that you dont feel like doing, why you don’t feel like doing it. Then, return to suggestion number 1.

3. Speak to someone
“Hey Tina, what’s up? Yeah, I’m just calling you because right now I am committed to getting this project done but I don’t feel like it. I just need to get it out of my head and hear someone tell me to get off my butt and get it done. Can you tell me to get off my butt and get it done?” GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GET IT DONE – “Thanks Tina”

4. Agree with yourself that you will do it for a certain amount of time.
One powerful way to act and move forward is to simply create agreements. YOur agreement with yourself can be that you will work on this thing for 10 minutes even though you dont feel like it. Then after that 10 minutes, you get to go to sleep. That’s one way that I was able to get my book finished even when I didn’t feel like writing.

5. Create a reward immediately
If you don’t feel like doing it, begin thinking immediately about what might make you feel like doing it or what would motivate you to complete it. Make it a really great reward. Think about the biggest ice cream sundae you can. Then, determine what you can do to get your ice cream sundae. Then do something to get your ice cream sundae.

6. Make a game or a competition
This might only work for me because I’m a competitive person. But, we all like games in one way or another. What can you do to create a game out of it? How many points can you give yourself for your activities that day? What if you got 50 points for getting out of bed on time? What if you got 100 points just for getting started on your activities? Get enough points and then you can do number 5.

Many times, ‘feelings’ are really interpreted as fear. And fear rarely moves you closer to your goal. So, it’s time to get past those ‘feelings’. You can DO it!

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Accountability Partners – 7 steps to effective follow-up

We recently posted some thoughts about effectively working with accountability partners. Now we’ve turned it into a brief video for those that like to listen and watch vs. read.

Can you think of other steps that would be important in selecting an accountability partner?

Please share with us! We can then turn this post into an 8,9, or 10 steps post that hits all the right points!

Need an accountability partner?

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