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Working for Bread – don’t do it

Great video from one of our villager coaches – Heather Madder.

Don’t  we all need to be reminded – we are worth it and we should charge more for our services/product?



Passion – how do you know you have it?

“Passion” is a big buzz word right now. “Follow your passion” and “find your life purpose” are phrases we hear all over the Internet.

So, have you found yours? What does it feel like?

This photographer – David Jay – has found his and talks about it in this brief little video.


YouTube Channel:


David makes a few really good points. Here’s what we pulled from his thoughts:

  • You know you are passionate when you can stay up all night working on something and you aren’t tired.
  • Spend time figuring out what you don’t like to do – he didn’t like preparing and so he’s hired an assistant to help take on that task so he can focus on what he loves.
  • Share your insights with others – as you learn about what does and doesn’t work for you – share it! Other people are trying to pursue passions too and love to hear insights from those walking ahead of them.

? – How do you keep your passion alive OR have you not found it yet?

Design Inspiration


Did you have a sandbox when you were little? Where you tried out your skills at making castles surrounded by little lakes, rivers and moats?

Sand pail and scopeWhen did you stop playing in the sand?

And, do you know why?

A sandbox is a wonderful place where you can build something from the imagination, make mistakes, and quickly start right over again on the same idea or something different.

Do you have a sandbox right now for the book you are writing, the business you are starting or for the company you are already running?

A safe place to brainstorm ideas, test out possibilities, capture lessons learned from mistakes?

Programmers often have a “test server” to make sure that files work right before going to a “production server” where the public actually sees the results. Graphic artists might have a special file where they save all their examples or collect ideas for future projects. Photographers might have a secret site where they upload pictures to see how they look on the screen before displaying them in their portfolio. Podcasters record their voices and go back and manipulate, cut seconds, add music and play around with different speeds all behind the scenes before you see the final version in iTunes. In the simplest form, a Word document (or blog entry) is in a sandbox when you review it, correct spelling, add all the formatting and get it the way you want it before you hit “send” or “post.”

Here at Nudge Village we’ve started a blog to act as a kind of sandbox. We are going to capture the journey of building this site – lessons learned, experiments and ideas along the way. We’ll share our mistakes and some of the surprises. We’ll open it up to the readers at some point. Sandcastle

Heck, maybe we’ll even do it now – check out! It is sparsely populated because we are just getting started, but perhaps you’d like to take a look and make something similar (in concept) for yourself.

Each of you will have a different place and approach to try out and test your ideas. It isn’t really important how or where, but that you have that place (virtually or physically) and that you like going there. A safe place to practice and improve your skill or product.

Take a look at this sandbox!

As a side note, here’s a talented young woman who actually “plays in a sandbox” and has developed an amazing talent. Enjoy it and take a look at the other YouTube videos that are related. Beautiful!