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Tool – YouTube Search Stories

So many tools and so little time, right?

But, we want to keep sharing tips and tricks to get your message out to your users.

Here’s one that helps you tell a story through search. Not sure the value of it yet, but could be a small part of your overall marketing campaign.

Here’s what one of the companies we’ve highlighted, Kuru Footwear, has done.


Hiding – or not

Do you hide? Hide from customers, shy away from certain marketing activities, try to find excuses not to pursue something you know you really should?

We do too – especially the Chief Nudger of Nudge Village!

The Chief Nudger didn’t want to be “seen” in an online format for a while. But, through some of the tips provided through Villager Barbara (, the Chief Nudger decided it was time to come out of hiding and create a couple of videos!

Now, they aren’t perfect, but somewhere along the way it becomes very apparent that the only way to become better is to get out there and start doing the task that it most scary to do.

So, here you go…some thoughts from the Chief Nudger that stemmed from a Facebook Group conversation about the greatest challenges that entrepreneurs face.


You tell us – what does the Chief Nudger need to improve in her:

  • Appearance
  • Presentation Skills
  • Content Quality
  • Filming Capability
  • Other

This is a learning experience and if anyone should be willing to put it all out there – it should be the Chief Nudger!


Autoresponder, shopping cart and all things SEO

We are preparing to select a software, an online solution, a solution…for an autoresponder, a shopping cart, and all things SEO.

However, we are a few things right now:

  • Small
  • Emerging budget – code for a little budget that intends to grow in the next few months. (-:
  • Practical, but willing to pay
  • Wanting to put something in place that will grow with us
  • Quality vs. thrift – we like quality
  • Bells and whistles – yes, we’d like to display pictures, audio or video in emails and be able to pull off unique things.

Please share your recommendations. Every search on Google seems to bring up people that are pushing whomever they are an affiliate for as opposed to pushing what would meet specific needs.

We’ve noticed a lot of people have great things to say about the following:

  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Getresponse
  • RedOakCart

What think ye?

Giving the good gift – to customers

Do you freely give of your products, knowledge, and skills to your customers? Future customers?

                            If not, why not?

We’ll probably be posting about this a lot, but over the past few years (especially with all the social tools out there) it is now essential that you provide something for free to your customers.

And, not just free, but of value – of value from the perspective of your customer.

Take a look at more of our thoughts and please share yours!

We love stories here at Nudge Village and here’s a great story about Danielle …by Danielle.

What about you? – Could  your idea, book, or business benefit from a little video?

 In the case of a photographer, we think the answer is “Yes.” When offering services like photography, the service provider and customer interaction is extremely important. Why not give customers an idea of your personality, your interests and your approach through video instead of the typical paragraphs of information? If the possible customer approaches you AFTER seeing it, you know that they have already decided that you are someone that they think they want to work with – a warm lead!

We will soon be following Danielle’s example too!

This is just one great example that we were excited to share from the village.

Plus, she has a really cool big shoe at the end of the video – which matches her logo!