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Graphic with jokes about holding meetings


If you’ve ever worked in a corporate or government environment, you know full well the impact of meetings on your ability to use time wisely. Even the Microsoft Outlook calendar defaults to one hour when you set up calendar invites. There are a ton of resources out there about […]

Reverse Brainstorming

So, on one of my telework days, I had to take a required security training. While in the learning management system I also found another little tutorial on a different topic – reverse brainstorming. Interesting concept – start the brainstorm with the problem and start finding ways to […]

Followers – you need them and we do too

We could write a lot about leading and following. We could write a lot about the importance of joining in the conversation at Nudge Village or how much we value comments from our readers.

And, we will.

But, for now, just wanted to share a popular YouTube video that shows that being a leader isn’t the only thing that is important.

The followers make a HUGE difference in how ideas spread.