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19 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Introverted

Can you relate? To follow our big ideas, one of the biggest challenges is to follow the way we work best. Introverts and Extroverts alike can figure out how they work best. This article reminds us that we all don’t fall neatly into either category and have our own special considerations to work around and …that’s ok.

Introversion Effect

Like many categorizing systems, the separatist thinking behind them attempts to firmly place us in one container or another.  The flaw in these types of systems is that they don’t always take into account the middle areas of the spectrum.  And any system is just that: a spectrum.  I’ve long stated with unequivocal certainty that I’m introverted.  My friends, however, look at me askance, because I’m actually very fun-loving and outgoing when I need to be.  So on that introvert/extravert spectrum, I fall somewhere to the introverted side, but exhibit limited extroverted tendencies.  Here is an article found online that I have updated to reflect this spectrumized system.

1. You’re not anti-social, you’re selectively social.

2. At any given point, you have one (maybe two) best friends who are your entire life. You’re not a “group of friends” person. You can’t keep up with all that.

3. Social gatherings…

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What is your personality type?

As an entrepreneur, it is vital to understand your strengths and weaknesses. After all, your success and failure as a business person could depend upon it! logo

If you love working in paints and pottery all day, you might find it difficult to focus on your business finances. Or, to schedule the neede

If you love people, signing up a lot of clients that expect you to do data entry and computer programming might be thwarting your progress – even if you are very good at those particular activities.
d craft shows and fairs.

Or, maybe you love people, but need a little time away from them. Think twice about being the full-time salesperson.

Though it is important not to put ourselves into a box, it may be helpful to take a personality quiz or two to renew self-understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s a site that we love!

Take the “Personality Test” and the “Multiple Intelligence” test. It will take about 30 minutes of your time total.

Remember – these are intended to be general guidelines.

You may realize that it is time to hire an accountant or ask someone else to take on some of the more technical tasks if your talent is being out and around people. Or, perhaps you just need someone to take on creating videos and graphic design if you are busy writing really good content.

If you think you can do it all, you may be right. But, you may not be effective. The time old saying in design circles is:

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

We all have 24 hours in a day – what are you meant to focus on? Who can you get to help you that is better at a particular task than yourself? And, enjoys doing it? What are you willing to give up to explode your business even further?

Good luck and take a day, a week or even a month to reflect on this, re-arrange, test, and explore YOUR possibilities.

And, as always, please feel free to share with us!