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Chrissi is always on the move – literally – and has found a way to set up shop wherever she goes through her passion for photography.

She loves to take photos of families, children, and just plain fun every day moments. Her photos are colorful and it is obvious that she makes those being photographed feel at ease for their shoot.

Take a look at her website and blog to get ideas on how to take great photos, but also how to get out and share all of the great photos through the web.

She is incredibly talented and we are excited to highlight her here.

We thought we’d include a couple of her shots here – with her permission – so you could get a taste for some of her creativity. Check out more at

Welcome to Nudge Village Chrissi!

Chrissi Richards Photography


Ryan takes a slightly different approach than some of the other photographers in Nudge Village. Many photographers set up photo sessions and then go take pictures of individuals, families, pets, etc. Graphic of a Zions Park arch

Though he takes pictures of people, most of his photography is centered around scenery, animals (especially birds and fish),  beautiful  temple  structures, countryside, mountains, etc.

He then sells them using some great websites that allow the buyer to get the photograph in a variety of sizes, on a t-shirt, on a mug or whatever other creative option is offered by the web service.

We’ve purchased some of his photos in the past and not only enjoyed the photos, but the process of being able to tailor them to our particular needs.

 Take a look at all of the places he is sells his photos online:

Main Site: utm_source=deviantart&utm_medium=userpage&utm_campaign=printstab

Hummingbird by Ryan Houston Photography