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Villager Justin – Video Production


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Justin has extensive experience in video production. He’s got a site up to share some of his work, but he’s also delving into the world of blogging to share his technology thoughts.

Take a look at one of his video productions below:

Welcome to Nudge Village Justin!

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Hiding – or not

Do you hide? Hide from customers, shy away from certain marketing activities, try to find excuses not to pursue something you know you really should?

We do too – especially the Chief Nudger of Nudge Village!

The Chief Nudger didn’t want to be “seen” in an online format for a while. But, through some of the tips provided through Villager Barbara (, the Chief Nudger decided it was time to come out of hiding and create a couple of videos!

Now, they aren’t perfect, but somewhere along the way it becomes very apparent that the only way to become better is to get out there and start doing the task that it most scary to do.

So, here you go…some thoughts from the Chief Nudger that stemmed from a Facebook Group conversation about the greatest challenges that entrepreneurs face.


You tell us – what does the Chief Nudger need to improve in her:

  • Appearance
  • Presentation Skills
  • Content Quality
  • Filming Capability
  • Other

This is a learning experience and if anyone should be willing to put it all out there – it should be the Chief Nudger!


Cover of the BYU Rugby 2009 Championship video

Villager Scot – BYU Rugby Forever

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A self proclaimed super fan (The No.1 BYU Rugby Super Fan), Scot played rugby in high school and in college. But, injuries and school priorities drew him in to other endeavors during practice time after his first year on the team.

Since he writes better than we do, we’ve pulled how he got started on the BYU Rugby Forever blog AND the 2009 BYU Rugby Highlight Video from his own blog:

“The summer of 2008 posed a special dilemma for Scot Clark, an avid fan for life and former player for the BYU Rugby team in 2001. Since the year 2000, not one season had passed by without one of the Clark brothers playing on the BYU Rugby team. The upcoming 2008-2009 season, however, would mean attending games without the fun of cheering on a brother on the field.

Scot’s passion for rugby was more powerful than perhaps even he realized at the time, and so instead of turning a blind eye and fading out of the rugby scene, he felt like he could give more in his brothers’ absence. Though relegated to the bleachers, he decided to share stories and perspectives regarding the BYU Rugby team on a blog entitled, “BYU Rugby Forever.” This effort quickly grew into a platform for sharing media, news, and other updates with BYU Rugby alumni, fans, and friends everywhere.

BYU Rugby fans
In 2009, the BYU Men’s Rugby team won their first National Championship title. And in an amazing coincidence of timing and opportunity, BYU Rugby Forever simultaneously produced the nation’s first high-definition rugby highlight video. Featured were many of the 2009 BYU Men’s Rugby season matches as well as their National Tournament match-ups, culminating with their epic win over longtime defending champs, Cal-Berkeley.

Additionally during the 2009 season, BYU Rugby Forever resurrected the iconic, Y-Mountain-style ‘Y’ on the backdrop of a custom fan shirt. The shirts especially garnered attention from TV cameras and opposing fans during the 2009 National Tournament not only for the ridiculously-large scale of the Y on each shirt but also due to the unrelenting craziness and cheering produced by their wearers: the BYU Rugby Superfans.

Presently, BYU Rugby Forever forges ahead, a pioneering presence in the realm of American collegiate rugby, pursuing a variety of creative means by which to rally new and ardent BYU Rugby Superfans around the program, the sport, and the dream of ultimate rugby glory …”

Welcome to Nudge Village Scot! We look forward to hearing more about your advancing the cause of rugby!

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Villager Mary Kay – In-Brief Video

Mary Kay Alegre 

Graphic of Mary Kay's face

Artwork by Mary Kay

Facebook: Search “In-Brief Videos”


What motivated you to start your own business?

A couple years ago I saw an instructional video that I loved. It was different from anything I had ever seen.  I wanted to make something like it. After letting the idea simmer, my husband and I tried making our first video in 2009.  We got out an old video camera, learned about lighting and sound among other new things, and found a topic. When the video turned out to our liking, we thought we’d try making a business out of it.

When did you realize you had talent in this area?

This is my dream job. I wanted to be a graphic designer when I grew up, but pursued a career in international studies and adult education instead, which I love too. So, now, sitting at my kitchen table drawing paper cut-outs that will educate and entertain audiences on topics of importance, like trade with China, and public health issues-I’m living the dream!

Do you do this full-time or part-time?

Part time, it is a perfect part time job—with morning and afternoon school pickups. If I (cross my fingers) get too much work, I’ll find people to work with me-and remain part-time.

What lessons have you learned along the way?

I worked in an office for about 10 years. When the little ones came along it was great to work online, from home. Recently, once the kids were off to school, I had to decide whether to go to work full time (job security, but in a “cube”) or try to launch the business (flexibility, creativity, no job security!). My practical side often wins out on decisions like this, but this time I didn’t let it. I concentrated on my priorities of a work/life balance, and told my husband to hang in there while we lived on only his income.

artwork from the InBrief videos

Artwork from the InBrief videos

We told all our friends and family about our first video via email. We posted it on YouTube. Everyone liked it. Friends shared it. The word was spreading. I prepared for an onslaught of contracts. It didn’t happen like that.  But, I’m very happy with our long “start-up mode”.  I’ve learned a lot, read a lot, and have had time to envision the company focus.

At first I did everything on my own. Created my own very basic website, tried to design a logo, etc.  I read a lot about marketing through social media and business development, but had a hard time knowing when and where to start when it came to my own business.  After getting some contracts last year, we felt we could invest in an outside company to help us. It was a great decision.

How do you market your business?

We’re using online social media and social networking as much as possible to spread the word about our videos and our company–Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. We plan to add meaningful content to our blog on a regular basis, and to create a new video for public viewing every several months. Also, we’re looking into get involved with local organizations whose members might have an interest in videos like ours.

Any special offers to share with our readers?

Find us a new client, and get your video made for half price through 2011.

Can we come back and interview you again in a few months to find out what “next steps” you’ve taken in your business adventures?

Of course.

Welcome to Nudge Village Mary Kay!