Faux Frantic

I’m not supposed to be looking at work email today. I took it off as a staycation, but curiosity gets the best of me and I just had to keep a pulse on what was going on in my email. A slew of emails had come through and […]

Can success wait?

I often get discouraged as I see a lot of people share some of their amazing entrepreneurial successes. Admittedly, the discouragement lasts about five minutes (and usually drives me to take an action of some sort), but it is still there. Part of it is the desire to […]

Will Work for…thank you notes

“You did a great job with the board meeting today. You added real-life and relevant insight that we would not have had otherwise, and you presented that insight very well. Thank you.”   This is a simple thank you. Depending upon how it shows up on your screen, […]