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Sculpture of Women by Nnamdi
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Remarkable – Thai Restaurants, The Beetles and Nnamdi Sculptures

This week I visited a Thai restaurant. We go there now that I’ve discovered it has some wonderful chicken curry that tastes just like the kind of Thai curry my Mom made growing up. It brings back memories and helps build more.


photo of a thai dancerAs we were waiting for our meal, the music changed from some authentic Indian music to one of the Beetles hits. It always strikes me as funny how “authentic”cuisine is often accompanied by non- related music. But, hey, who doesn’t like the Beetles?

Apparently the guy in the booth next to us forgot where he was and was swept away. He started humming and then singing. The restaurant wasn’t really full and so it was pretty clear where the noise was coming from.

Yet, it didn’t annoy. In fact, it inspired this post.

Haven’t we all experienced this spontaneous singing? I heard it in the theater at Mama Mia and just today I had my own concert taking place in the car to the Les Miserables CD. I couldn’t just listen. I had to actively participate.

But, this type of music isn’t a fad. The Beetles endure time. They inspire generations. 

They are remarkable.

Purple CowSeth Godin talks about the importance of being remarkable in his book – The Purple Cow. I make a point to re-read it every once in a while.

It reminds me to focus on adding value. It reminds me to work on products and services that will make a difference. It reminds me to follow my own path instead of trying to copy everyone else.

If you get a chance, read it. It is filled with stories, but at the same time a short read. It reminds us to create relationships, products and services that are worthy of remark (remark-able). Or, singing.

Day-to-day there is a bit of a social pressure, especially for small online businesses, to create daily posts, tweets, and status updates. There is pressure to market your site, your products, and your services. There is pressure, surprisingly, to do things just like everyone else – to follow the same processes, tools, and approaches.

Being REMARKABLE  isn’t going to happen that way.

It takes solitary time to create. It takes reflection. It requires thinking differently so that what you produce will be different, will be lasting and will be…remarkable.

The Sculpture

There are a lot of examples around us, but this week I got to experience REMARKABLE from a box that came in the mail. Months ago I contributed to a Kickstarter Campaign for my friend Nnamdi . He creates beautiful sculptures!

As part of the Kickstarter Campaign, contributors would receive a certain gift based upon their contributions. Nnamdi listed incredible gifts for contributors. Far beyond what I think was expected. That was REMARKABLE.

But, even more REMARKABLE was to receive the actual statue in the mail with an authenticity certificate.

The statue is unique. It is truly beautiful. It is bronze. It feels heavy. It has an authentic signature from the artist.

The statue makes me feel like I have real art in the house. It reminds me of past and present friends. It reminds me of my sisters and my mother. It reminds me of the artist. My man even thinks it is a great piece of art and was surprised at the heaviness, the texture, and the meaning the piece conveys.

I am once again inspired to be REMARKABLE.

Nnamdi sculpture

earings by Lorianne

Villager Lori Ann – Jewelry and Crafts

Welcome Lori Ann!  Picture of Lorianne

Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ColorMeGorgeous?ref=pr_shop_more

Lori Ann may have started out in the computer sciences years ago, but lately she’s spending time on the more creative side!

earings by Lorianne

She’s into photography, graphic editing, book authoring and…jewelry and crafts. We are excited to highlight her on Nudge Village.She’s set up her store on Etsy which is still a very popular place to all kinds of personalized clothing, jewelry, crafts, etc.Take a look at some of her products here or visit her store directly at http://www.etsy.com/shop/ColorMeGorgeous?ref=pr_shop_more.

Graphic of multiple sketches by Jenika

Villager Jenika – Sketcher

Welcome to Jenika!  

Website: none just yet. (-: a sketch of Jenika

Jenika is probably our youngest villager! Thank goodness! What is a community without a teenager! (-:

Jenika was the second place winner in the 2011 Mahatma Gandhi Art and Writing Contest from over 800 entries from middle schools and high schools all over the United States. The awards were given out at Princeton University. What an honor!

Jenika continues to pursue her sketching skills and is currently a participant in a nationwide “companions” sketchbook project. Or, is it worldwide? I don’t know.

I do know that Jenika is well on her way to creating more great sketches and gets lots of practice from all the requests she keeps getting from friends.

Perhaps she’ll get a website soon to share more of her art with us!

Welcome to Nudge Village Jenika!

Graphic of multiple sketches


Graphic of multiple sketches by Jenika


Sketches by Jenika

Sketches of Jenika’s friends

Graphic of Bugagoo Halloween stuff

Villagers Paula and Michelle – Creative Craft Site – Bugaboo Corner

Paula and Michelle   Picture of the Bugaboo sisters

Website: http://www.bugaboocorner.blogspot.com/

Etsy Store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Bugaboocrafts?ref=em

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Bugaboocorner/

We’re excited to highlight two sisters who have come together to create a site that offers creative tips for their readers. Whether it is for a holiday, the kids going back to school, organizing the home or just celebrating life moments, they’ve found a way to infuse their creative talents and ideas into actual products.

Great creativity. Constant posting of new ideas. Focus on a particular target audience. Selling through an Etsy shop. Using Pinterest to get their ideas spreading. And, even a book club for those with the same interests as Paula and Michelle.

All creative ways to spread their message and hear back from their readers using some of the most popular ways to share crafty ideas in the year 2011!

Can’t wait until they start using YouTube to show us how to make these things in a video format! Hint! Hint!

Check out how they change their site banner to match the Halloween season! Smart move considering Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for purchasers in the last few years.

Graphic of Bugagoo Halloween stuff

Welcome to Nudge Village Paula and Michelle!


Villager Dina – Mixed Media Artist

Website: http://dinastamps.typepad.com/ponderings/  dina_main

Online Classes: http://www.mcssl.com/store/debbiehodge/art-journaling

Dina is a mixed media artist, artsy scrapper, and art journaler.

She travels around the world, and close to home, to share her special talent. She also delivers her expertise through online classes, which is a great way to share your talent with others.

Take a look at her unique design skills below and check out her blog where she regularly posts her work and explores new projects!


Nnamdi with sculture

Villager Nnamdi – Sculpture and Painting

Sculpture of Women by Nnamdi



Okonkwo – Sculptures and Paintings




Main website: http://www.nnamdiart.com/

Facebook Like Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NNAMDI-OKONKWO/172240795563

We are excited to highlight another villager that has amazing design capabilities!

Nnamdi states in his bio:

“As far back as I can remember I have always been drawn to art. Later on I realized that my artistic sensibilities were best expressed in the three dimensional art of sculpture.”

Take a look at his beautiful sculptures here and at his official website at http://www.nnamdiart.com/! On his Facebook page and personal blog he describes his approach to designing the sculptures and shows some photos of how they’ve been integrated into parks and other public places. We’ve copied his philosophy here because he says it best:

Nnamdi with sculture

“The forms in my sculpture are simplified and stylized to better express my thoughts and ideas which are embodied in fluid lines and simple shapes. It is a mode of expression that comes naturally to me, and it is straight to the point and devoid of pretension. Stylization also offers a greater avenue for the expression of universal themes and emotions. This allows me to broaden the scope of expression by transcending mere literal representation of the figure, provoking different thoughts and ideas, and giving the viewer an opportunity for introspection and contemplation.

One of the few guidelines that I follow is best exemplified in a statement made by Michelangelo which states: “Measurement should be in the eyes and not in the hands, for while the hand measures; it is the eye that judges.” My proportions, therefore, are not based on any rigid principle, but rather are based on a personal ideal of beauty and balance. I want my figures to be more symbolic rather than literal copies of the human form. Thus in sculpture, my figures, instead of being confined to a model, become a symbol of humanity.

I also simplify my shapes to avoid distractions of any extraneous detail, which does not add to the beauty of the whole design. Attitudes, gestures, and overall composition are of primary importance to me. Detail, of course, has its place in sculpture, but I find that my ideal of beauty is more easily attained with simple lines and shapes, which convey my thoughts and ideas unshackled by detail.

Further, the big, rotund forms symbolize abundant life. It is an outward manifestation of a largeness of soul.
Also prevalent in my sculpture is the theme of womanhood. I am captivated by the noble characteristics which include: empathy, love, resilience, strength, etc., that are embodied in womanhood. The women that are closest to me, my wife and my mother, have influenced me greatly and are exemplars of these noble attributes.

In my indigenous culture as well as in many cultures, womanhood is venerated. There is an understanding that women share, even in a small way, with the creator, the sacred act of giving life. Perhaps this understanding of the dignity of womanhood inspires me to seek to honor women in my sculpture.

I hope all will find in my work a source of inspiration to transcend the turmoil and unevenness of life. I also hope that my sculptures will be capable of eliciting strong emotional responses from the viewer regardless of his or her background or race.”

Beautiful work Nnamdi and welcome to Nudge Village!