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Accountability Partners

You need them to accomplish your goals – accountability partners!

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This week I “acquired” another accountability partner. It is my other brother. My first accountability partner is another brother – seriously. I think soon I’ll be working with a 3rd brother as well. Might as well start improving as family, right?


We need each other to work toward our goals

Each Friday we get on the phone and talk or just send a series of text messages about whatever goal we worked on that particular week.  Last Friday I encouraged one brother to get the MBA he says will give him confidence (and his wife as well).  I asked him what step he was going to take toward the goal. He decided to narrow down the college search to a short list.

Was he prepared on Friday? Yes, not finished, but yes. In fact, we were late talking because he was having conversations with a series of college counselors that morning.  Awesome!

Does it matter that he probably did most of the research on Friday? No! If he didn’t have me to check in with the task probably would have gone on for months!

Yet, even more important than realizing that he has more research to do is one important psychological change – he had more confidence in himself. In fact, he was actually feeling momentum in other areas of his life as a result.

People I know (including me in the past) laugh about how many coaches and mentors there are out there “saturating” the market. But, if we are honest with ourselves, we may find that we all could use someone who gives individual support, asks the right questions and holds us accountable with a touch of tough love.

I take this whole approach a step further and determine a goal for myself as well. After all, we are accountability PARTNERS.

This week my brother will be creating an updated list of requirements that are important for his college of choice. I will get back to researching colleges as well – for an EdD. Yep, I need to take this next step in education.

We’ll talk on Friday for 30 minutes. This brother prefers a phone call.

As for the other brother? We’ll text. I guess we are in maintenance mode now with our accountability.

Find a Partner

I started partnering with my brothers. Normally I’d say get someone who isn’t related to you or a close friend. It kind of helps to have a little professional distance and don’t we all feel a little extra push to perform well for those outside our close circle?

Ask friends, co-workers or other connections if they know of someone who is willing to commit. It can even be someone from your online connections that appears (through their online comments or posts) to be interested in personal improvement and goal setting.

Set up a weekly time…and time limit

Fridays are best for me, but you may want the kick start of a Monday meeting. Whatever works best for both of you. Oh, and set a time limit. It can be great to get off on side topics, but if the communication gets too long you might start dreading the experience. I’d suggest 30 minutes or less most of the time unless you really need to get into some heavy details on a particular topic.

Select a preferred communication method

It is awesome being in 2013! We can talk on the phone, email, text, write on a Facebook wall, send a tweet. Set up whatever works for both of you. Perhaps you will start with weekly phone calls and then realize you are at a point where a simple text interchange will work. Just make sure that it works for both of you.

Keep it simple…you aren’t a shrink

You aren’t each others shrink. Keep it simple. Focus on the goal. Ask questions of each other. Share an experience. Don’t get into all the spousal issues, your private health issues, or gossip about your co-workers. You may mention these items casually, but keep in the context of the goal you have committed to keep. Be supportive of each other and encourage each other to get the right help for any outside issues that need to be addressed.

You are partners – both should have a goal

Once again, you are not a shrink. Why don’t both of you make a goal? All of us have areas for improvement and growth. Plus, it keeps you both on semi-equal footing and both have the chance to learn and share along the way.

Record your progress and thoughts

Sometimes we underestimate how far we’ve come. Sometimes we need to reflect on our own experiences to gain confidence on our progress. Keep a journal. Write an email to yourself. Set up a private blog. Record your thoughts, your goals, your progress or whatever. It may become a valuable tool to you in those times of weakness or in discovering your interests and values.

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Good luck!

Heather Madder Coaching

Villager Heather – Life Coach

Heather Madder – a Spiritual-Life-Business Coach Heather Madder Coaching

Main Website: http://www.heathermadder.com

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HeatherMadder

Coaching Packages: http://www.heathermadder.com/coaching-programs/

Note: Heather is extremely busy and so she’s allowed us to draw excerpts from information that she already has out on the web.

Overarching Goal: My objectives are quite simply to assist others to:

1. Unlock their Divine-self

2. Heal their injuries & limitations

3. Be empowered to live their life mission (through effective, quick, powerful tools.)

I teach people how to stay at home and reach the world.

“You see, most of us have a life mission, a work, a calling, something we are here to do that changes people’s lives.  We spend a lot of time learning our skill, but aren’t quite sure how to get our solutions to other people.  My specialty is to teach you how to reach as many people as possible, in the least amount of time, and consequently make money while doing it.  Money isn’t the why–but it does happen to be a part of the how.

Here’s the WHY…

1. So you can develop your gifts & talents, which expands and explodes you as a person.

2. So you can offer those gifts to others, which changes the lives of individuals, and changes the world as a whole.

3. So you can get your “work” done in as little time as possible so you can be with your family, which is the most important thing you’ll ever do.

4. So you can provide for yourself & those you love where ‘surviving’ is not an issue for you.  When you are financially thriving you are free to give to God, your family, others and you can experience life without fear & painful limitations of scarcity.

5. So you can connect to and live from your highest Spirit-self and inspire others to do the same.

How did you get started?  I am a stay at home mom of four inspiring children and married to my soul mate, David. For five years, I worked part time as an author, public speaker and talk radio host teaching spiritual principles to thousands of people…and barely paying my bills. I didn’t see my own blind spots. I had a lot of talent & passion, but I had no idea how to run a business and I had poverty programs inside keeping me stuck.

One day I had a mentor walk into my life and open the door to the business world.  I began to see that because I could not run a business and generate money, I was virtually in a box where I could reaching very few people at a deep level.  My business deficit was because of my own fears and scarcity and also out of  alignment with the abundance of God.  So I decided to change.

Soon, I was being coached weekly from business gurus who ran multi-million dollar companies.  I became a spiritual life coach to 5 different business executives and in turn some of those people became my business coaches.   My mentors paid over $500,000 for their own trainings.  They loved the life coaching I had to offer and wanted to teach me how to blow up my business so I could reach more people with what I knew.  It was a good exchange.

For 14 months, I became a dedicated and serious student of business, internet marketing, social media, systems, and client fulfillment. I soaked in everything I could and then I adapted it around my family-first, God-centered life.

While still staying at home working part time, I soon began to sell tens of thousands of dollars of products & coaching by implementing simple tools & systems.  In fact, last month, I sold nearly $50,000 dollars in coaching programs.  When I unlocked the door in business, I could suddenly afford to hire people to do mundane things like mailing my books and folding my socks that once ate up my time with my family.  I even began volunteering in my kid’s classrooms, which I never felt I had time to do before.  Business skills & the ensuing prosperity didn’t take me away from my family, it brought me closer to them!

And the whole experience brought me into a more intimate relationship with God.  I am a firm believer that we are created by a God who loves us and wants us to grow in every way possible.  I soon began to see that if my heart was pure, He would bless me in all my righteous desires–not just in my family and my spiritual commitments, but also in my desires to help others through my business.

I play in a unique world where Spirituality and Business join together.

Some people call all this stuff we do, “business.” It is. But I love to call it… Conscious Creation.

Whatever the name, it’s a sure-fire way to change the world in a big way. And flow joy, power, and abundance (well, money) back to you. So, bring some fire baby.

Let’s see what we can build and find that way together.

Lots of love & light,


Welcome to Nudge Village Heather!