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Olympic Swimmer? I will never know

swimmerYep, I could have been.

The problem is that I will never really know.

This year the pool opened over Memorial Day Weekend. It was a bit cold and rainy and so I wasn’t able to swim on my designated start date. But, by May 30th I was ready to take the annual walk of shame – from the locker room to the pool edge. It’s a shame because I actually accomplish about 80% of my resolutions each year, but never quite get to the physical state I desire.

So, as I’ve started my summer lap swimming, my mind remembers a time long ago when I missed my chance to succeed in doing something with my swimming skills.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I can’t do the butterfly. I never had to learn it and so I didn’t. But, in 7th grade swim class I was the person who always had to demonstrate the stroke for the rest of the class. It was a bit traumatic for a shy girl, but did give me a sense of accomplishment.

In the 8th grade I had a friend try out for the swim team and make it. I delayed trying out until the last day. Apparently there was only one other person who had delayed as well – a boy named Scott. He wasn’t a particular “cool” guy and so I thought I would beat him. Realize, my 8th grade brain was at work, not taking in the obvious clue that he was over 6 feet tall in the 8th grade and …had feet that could self-propel him into infinity.

So, the coach told us to get into the water and she blew the start whistle. We were off and running, er swimming.

After a few laps I realized that Scott was ahead of me. How could this be? I am (was) a pretty fast swimmer. How could “un-cool” Scott be ahead of me?

At the end of the race, I couldn’t even hear my time and can’t even remember if I made the team. I was so deflated that I had lost to Scott of all people.

So, much to the dismay of my friend, and I’m sure the coach, I didn’t join the team.


Well, later that year I was surprised to find out that Scott won all kinds of STATE championships in swimming. Yes, not school championships, but state. The person I had been comparing myself to was the best of the best. What if I had known that when I was racing him? I might have been proud of my attempt to compete against him and perhaps would have continued to improve my game.

Or, would I?

It is easy to make comparing a way of life. There will always be those that are far worse and far better than us in any given area. We all know this, but how we use this knowledge creates drastically different results.

I can write this blogspost because I’ve chosen the right way to respond and ….the wrong approach.

Here are a few tips that may be helpful to keep in mind when you are tempted to compare yourself too much to the “Olympic champions” around us:

  • Change YOUR surroundings – It’s time to take a break from whatever is diverting you. Is it comparing yourself to neighbors? Take a little roadtrip to some small towns or just a different city. Noticing all the great accomplishments of people on Facebook? Log off the system for a few days.
  • Serve Others – Admit it, you get self-doubt and a tinge of depression when you spend too much time comparing your life, business, successes, and failures to others. Turn it around. Serve, serve, serve. Write a thank you note to a friend or customer. Offer to do and errand or task for someone. Volunteer. This gets you out there realizing you’ve got something to offer. Plus, it might give you that big idea you’ve been looking for and can’t seem to find since you are so busy comparing!
  • Personal Affirmations – No, this isn’t a joke. Sometimes you need to make a list of things that you do well or would like to do well. Perhaps repeat them during your morning exercise or while you are driving to work or business. Our brains take action on what we tell them. Our brain doesn’t know if what we are telling them is positive or negative. Why not express daily what we do well.
  • Turn to your inspirational sources – This may be scripture, coaches, favorite authors, etc. There’s always something embedded in these resources that help us press on, remind us that we are unique and just need to focus on improving ourselves.
  • Focus – Select just 1-2 areas to work on at a time. I’m BAD at this area. I love creating dozens of projects, goals, and ….expectations for myself. I need to stop it! When we do this, it is as if we are taking the best we see in dozens of people and trying to become the best at all those things even though they aren’t even all that! Better to select 1-2 areas to go focus on learning, growing and creating in than trying to scratch the surface of everything.

I just got back from my swim. I swam slower than usual, but it was a beautiful day and the next few days are going to be rainy. I just wanted to be out in the sunshine and fresh air.  I beat an older woman without trying (really?), but quickly reminded myself that it didn’t matter and ….I slowed down and worried about improving my stroke instead of how the pool crowd perceived my progress.

Perhaps my daily efforts will avail me a spot on some kind of mid-life Olympic wanna be swim team someday. So be it. I’m fine with it. I’m doing what I can with what I have right now at this point….and there is progress!

But, every once in a while I kick myself for not taking this step in the 8th grade. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, right?


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Social Media Love Lost – It’s not me, it’s actually you!

Isn’t it great – You’ve got your social sharing down to a science don’t you?

You log into Hootsuite once a week, or even monthly, and set up a series of
daily messages that broadcast out to all of your followers at specific times
each day?

You are just so efficient, right? Good for you!

There’s just one problem.

I actually wanted to have a conversation with you and perhaps build a
business relationship. However, I know you aren’t there.

You are on autopilot. Every single Facebook and Twitter post shows that you are
using an automatic service to spread your message while you are out and
about working on something else with someone else.

I’ve figured you out through my stealth observing. After all, you are doing
the equivalent of running down the hall broadcasting what you know, want and

hand holding


What do you know about me? What do I like? How do I feel? What do I have to
offer you? How much am I willing to spend when I find a product that I like?

Do you know?

You may think you know, but let me assure you…you don’t.

Right now I am moving further and further away from your business even though I’m
still slightly curious. It’s kind of like you are the popular guy or gal and I just can’t help myself, but in reality it just won’t work. Our values are different. We have different interests. We treat people differently.

It isn’t just your loss. It is my loss too.

We might have been a good fit.

You might have had a product that I would like and that I could share. Or, you might have
liked what I do and wanted to introduce your friends to me.

So sad. Our relationship is dying and the bad part is that you didn’t even know
it existed. You were just so busy automating that you didn’t notice that I wanted to

We will now part ways.

If we could talk, I’d end this all with a popular phrase with a bit of a

“I’m sorry. It’s not me. It is you. It really is.”

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Sign up for our new course – Authenticity on Twitter!

We’ve created a new course that went live on Udemy today!

Screenshot of the Nudge Village course about Twitter

The Nudge Village “Authenticity on Twitter” course

We created this to help Twitter users leverage it better in the following areas:

  • Learning – use Twitter as a personal learning tool.

  • Giving and Sharing – providing support to others, re-sharing the great stuff others are sharing.

  • Competitive Intelligence – find out what your competitors are doing, partner with them, connect them to others and maybe even help them fulfill a competency they have a gap in right now.

  • Networking & Reputation Building – realize that your Twitter account (for business or personal) is an extension of YOU. Make a good impression and do the same thing you would do in an interview or at a networking event – be professional, be focused, be open with information, be helpful, etc.

Guess what?

We are offering it for FREE! It’s one hour of video, presentations, and a day-to-day Twitter log sheet, and a few resources along the way.

How do you sign up?

Just go to Authenticity on Twitter and hit the “Start Learning Now – Free” button.

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Announcing the Chief Nudgers – March 2013

Nudge Village exists because of individuals that make time to share information, give support and insight, and consistently keep the community conversations alive. There are a few people who are especially good “nudgers.” We like to call them Chief Nudgers!

Congratulations to the Chief Nudgers!

Let’s introduce them to you!

Tina – For My Sister Friends – Life Transformation Specialist 

Tina just recently joined Nudge Village, but she’s been nudging away ever since she got involved in our online group. She was a nudger long before she met us!

Tina  created For My Sister Friends “to encourage women to realize their passions, achieve their goals, and connect with their true self.”  Her mission is to educate, empower, and enlighten women as they embark on their own personal journey.

logo of For My Sister Friends

For My Sister Friends

Website: http://www.formysisterfriends.org/

Twitter: @4mysisterfriend

Alaina – Becker Office Associates – Virtual Executive Assistant

Logo for Becker Office Associates

Becker Office Associates

Alaina is fairly new to Nudge Village, but she’s hopped right in and started to share ideas and support others as they pursue theirs!

Alaina runs Becker Office Associates which provides administrative support and social media concierge services to small businesses across the United States and beyond.

She is also a Pinterest expert!

Website: http://www.beckerofficeassociates.com/

Twitter: @BeckerVAService

Heidi – Sanity Health Challenge – Family Health Coach

Sanity Health Challenge

Sanity Health Challenge by Heidi Totten

Heidi is probably one of the longest Chief Nudgers! She continues to nudge the group and the Nudge Village Strategist to move forward on her ideas!

Heidi Totten has worked through some of her own health challenges and has created a program for families to learn about health, get their diet in order and make the lifestyle changes necessary to lead a long and healthy life. Heidi is an excellent source of information and support and offers coaching and health products as well as great tips along the way!

Website: http://www.sanityhealthchallenge.com

Twitter: @heiditotten

Design Guy – Design Director

Design Guy

Design Guy

The Design Guy actually does more of his nudging offline, but that doesn’t make the support less meaningful! Design Guy is constantly ensuring that the user experience is considered throughout the design process – in websites, in online learning products, and in book design.

He’s also great at Nudging the Nudge Village Strategist on moving forward her ideas!

Website: http://designguyshow.blogspot.com/ and iTunes

Twitter: @arotolo

Barbara – Bija Coaching – Health and Life Coaching

Bija Coaching

Barbara Christensen of Bija Coaching

Barbara is a long time Chief Nudger! She’s constantly sharing in-depth information with the group. She’s also someone who constantly nudges the Nudge Village Strategist to keep moving forward and execute on her ideas!

Barbara Christensen has a wealthy of knowledge that she shares about food, exercise, the chemistry of the body, nutrients, etc. However, she’s not just full of great information. She’s a great coach that has helped hundreds of men and women get in shape, work through health issues and take charge of their well-being.

Website: http://www.bijacoaching.com or click on Barbara’s banner

Twitter: @bijagirl

Tanya Smith – Tanya Smith Online – Business  Coach

Photo of Tanya SmithTanya is constantly sharing tools and approaches to streamline and simply your business! She’s very supportive of the community!

Tanya is a business strategist who can help you think strategically and apply specific techniques that will help you get your business organized now, but more importantly …set up for long term success! She’s a coach, a speaker, and a continuous learner. She shares weekly tips on everything from personal productivity, sticking to your values, and how to leverage the Internet to enable your business success.

Website: http://www.tanyasmithonline.com/

Twitter: @coachtanya

Julie – Chicks Connect – Life Coaching (Online Community and Local Chapters)

Julie is fairly new to Nudge Village, but has jumped right in to support other members of the group! She’s constantly sharing and connecting and we are excited to have her onboard in our community.

This is a great site geared toward women in business. Chicks Connect offers a monthly membership and an online community, but also has local chapters cropping up all the time! This is a resource for women that want both the online and in-person support necessary to build a business. Great resource for networking because of all the motivated “chicks” you will interact with on a daily basis!

Website: http://www.chicksconnect.com or click on the banner (affiliate link)

Twitter: @chicksconnect

Leslie – Thrive Life – Preparedness Consultant

Logo for Thrive Life

Thrive Life

Leslie is also fairly new to Nudge Village, but has jumped right in to support other members of the group! She’s been sharing all of the wonderful growth she’s had and lessons learned along the way.

Leslie is a Thrive Life Consultant (formerly Shelf Reliance) and is rapidly growing

Website: http://lesliegreen.thrivelife.com/LeslieGreen

Sheila – Pennies of Time – Service Director

Photo of Pennies of Time founder and her two sons

Pennies of Time Trio – Sheila and sons

Sheila is fairly new to Nudge Village, but is eager to share and learn as she sets up her new site and keeps busy with local service opportunities. She’s really supportive of all the nudgers!

Pennies of Time logo

Pennies of Time

Sheila wants to make sure that her children learn how to serve and find joy in the process. She’s set up a website to share some of the projects that she’s created, participated in, or supports along with her two service oriented sons!

Her mission is “teaching young children to serve.”

Website: http://penniesoftime.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @Pennies_of_Time

Congrats Chiefs! Keep nudging!

Two women sharing ideas in front of a computer
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Accountability Partners – 7 steps to effective follow-up

We recently posted some thoughts about effectively working with accountability partners. Now we’ve turned it into a brief video for those that like to listen and watch vs. read.

Can you think of other steps that would be important in selecting an accountability partner?

Please share with us! We can then turn this post into an 8,9, or 10 steps post that hits all the right points!

Need an accountability partner?

Join our Facebook group where we share goals at the beginning of the week and follow-up on progress at the end.


Who are your inspirational sources?

Who is your source of information? inspiration?

Here’s an excerpt from one of our daily nudges that we hope you find valuable!

Daily Nudge #6

I’ve found that the amount of experts, coaches and authors is overwhelming! You’d never take action if you spent the time it takes to learn from them all.

So, let’s focus it down a bit. Perhaps a few tips will help.

Tips for finding inspiration sources:

Spiritual Roots – these are typically YOUR deepest sources of inspiration. Don’t forget to follow spiritual promptings either. They are there to guide you in every aspect of your life…including your idea!

Experts (follow 2-3) – you’ll find that you are consistently drawn to a few people. I’m drawn to Seth GodinTom PetersMichael Hyatt, and Dave Ramsey. I read their books, I get an RSS feed of their blogposts and someday I’ll attend one of their events. What’s great about following these gurus is that they are constantlightbulbly introducing you to other people, books and ideas. The Entreleadership Series, for example, is a podcast series that includes interviews with great people like the founder of LinkedIn and popular authors on a regular basis.

Emerging Gurus (follow 1-3) – emerging gurus are great. They are still working on creating a tribe and do have the time to respond to your questions or even coach you. These are people who you want to learn from and build a close relationship with over time. I’ve signed up for coaching from Pamela Slim, the author of “Escape from Cubicle Nation,” because I relate to her corporate background and like her style of communicating. Plus, she took the big step of leaving the cube farm and becoming a successful full-time entrepreneur. Great example that I’d like to follow!

Ask your friends – social media is great! Not just because you can reach a lot of people simply, but also because you can ask your online groups or individual contacts who they turn to for inspiration. All of the people mentioned above came to me as “nudges” from friends that thought I would enjoy the messages that these gurus share.

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and one is gold” 

Remember that quote? Be sure to acknowledge and keep learning from those that inspired you in the past, but regularly seek to connect to a new source of inspiration.

Do you have someone who inspires you to press forward with your ideas? 

We’d love if you’d share in our Facebook Group. If you aren’t already a member, just request to be added here.