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Screenshot of the Entreleadership website

The EntreLeadership Podcast – Dave Ramsey

If you don’t know about it already, check out the EntreLeadership Podcast from Dave Ramsey.

It’s really a great new series.

One of the Nudge Villagers told me about it a few months ago and I downloaded one podcast, enjoyed it, and then got busy with life.

However, this week I drove a few hours to a meeting for work and I downloaded a whole slew of these podcasts for the road.

Screenshot of the Entreleadership website

I expected to hear Dave Ramsey talk, but most of the podcasts were interviews with great leaders and authors like the president of Chick-fil-A, Jim Collins (author of Good to Great and related books) and a few other people that were obvious motivators/experts in their fields.

Zig Ziglar often talked about turning your time in your car into an “automobile university” because of the focus and reflection that can take place in those moments (or hours) of commuting, traveling, etc.

Lots of good leadership stuff out there and this is another great resource to take with you on the road.


Free - the Future of a Radical Price

FREE – The Future of a Radical Price

Yes, this is a post about something FREE.

And, thank goodness it is free because the name of the book/podcast: Free - the Future of a Radical Price

Free – The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson

You must download this into your iTunes account or listen to it here.

Part of this is based upon a concept we are familiar with on our Saturday trips to the grocery store or Costco. Free samples, supposedly free add ons to an item we’ve purchased, and rebates that make us feel like we got a deal.

But, Chris is talking about really giving something of value free to the marketplace.

He even uses an example of an airline in Europe that can afford to give free airplane flights because their business model allows them to earn money through other avenues.

As an entrepreneur, you most likely need cash and you need it fast.

However, this book/podcast gives a long term perspective on building relationships, adding value to the marketplace and …in the long term maybe even making more money through providing a lot of your expertise for free.

Don’t want to share too much here, but it is worth downloading (or listening to on the laptop) while you go on a walk or clean the kitchen or garage. It came out a couple of years ago, but is still applicable to where the marketplace is going.

P.S. I just went in and looked at the times for each chapter. Looks like this will take three hours to listen to which means it was interesting enough for me to think I only had it on for an hour. (-:

Who Goes There book cover

Villager Anthony – Who Goes there?

Website: http://www.rocketridebooks.com  and http://www.anthonyrotolo.com

Check out samples of book covers Anthony has designed!

Book: Who Goes There? Who Goes There book cover

For all those sci-fi fans out there, Anthony Rotolo (designer, publisher, podcaster, sci-fi fan) found a book that was out of print, researched how to get the rights to re-publish it and used his design and publishing skills to bring it back to life.

Anthony is a production manager for the Department of Defense by day and works on publishing projects on the side. His version of the “Who Goes There?” novel is offered in both paperback and an audio version through Amazon.com and Audible.com. He generates purchases through these websites, RocketRide Books and through word of mouth. In other words, through no additional effort on his own.

We’ll hear from Anthony again because he also has another skillset – expertise in design across web and print media.

Take  look at the trailer he created for the book on YouTube as well as the links to his sites. You’ll get some great ideas about leveraging online tools and may even want to read the book!